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  • carreraboy

    my previous employer. shut our taunton depot because ‘IT WASN’T ECONOMICALLY VIABLE TO KEEP IT OPEN’. twocers……..
    can anyone guess that i was made redundant b4 xmas………


    Anyone calling for Burger King to be shut down needs to shoooosh! 😯 Just because fatties abuse it does not mean the rest of us cannot indulge in a lurvely whopper now and again :mrgreen:


    Active Duty: This thread was meant as an outlet for people’s anger against useless, incompetent, greedy companies that do very little to actually ensure their customers get a decent, reliable and good value service. I stated in my first post, that I meant no ill toward any employees of any firm, and certainly wouldn’t wish anyone suffered facing unemployment, as has happened to many poor people recently.

    In fact, considering the way some of the companies mentioned seem to treat their staff, I think most people would like to see them go under, as long as the staff could gain jobs elsewhere without suffering. I know it’s not that simple.

    But, hypothetically, what businesses would people like to see gone?


    Does the Police count as a business, i really do wonder what their ******* purpose is sometimes. Or failing that, the Labour party.

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Barclays Bank.

    Supported the apartheid(sp) regime in South Africa and are propping up Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

    Somewhat more trivial is their appaling customer service.

    Guess who is moving his bank account in the New Year 😀

    Minish Man

    PayPal – then ebay would have to stop forcing that sh1te down our throats.

    Halfords – for bringing cycling to the ignorant masses! 😆 😆 😆

    Regarding the banks, they haven’t increased inter-bank lending which is what they all agree is causing a lot of the problems, so Brown should just say **** you, we’ll have our money back then, and whatch them fail. But he hasn’t got the Cohones.

    Premier Icon mogrim

    That’d be “cojones”, presumably.

    Disney, for inflicting Hannah Montana on my family.


    primark etc – for using cheap labour
    so are we presuming then that Armani, Rapha etc etc (pick your preferred label.) etc don’t use sweat shops…..mmm

    The Guardian.
    The Parliamentary Labour Party
    Anyone who produces vegetarian food. I mean, really! Why eat a “vegetarian” sausage when pig tastes so lovely?



    Why eat a “vegetarian” sausage when pig tastes so lovely?
    mmm. Bacon!

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