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  • Business selling on line, is Ebay shop best place?
  • MTB Rob

    I like to start selling a few things online, just to keep stock ticking over more, move stock on, maybe reconditioned 2nd hand, Get the name out there a bit more etc online, I have own website, but really don’t have time/know how to add a webshop to it, also been able to get item/shop/buyers to the website and high up in google listing etc.

    So is Ebay the best place for a small business to sell under the company name etc, Ebay have a v good reach I feel, there item search is V good (compared to others IMO)Are people still using it as much is there anything better?

    Been cycling based, there is BikeSoup, but it cost a bit, not sure it high on google search, there item search I don’t think is very good, (other makes of bikes appear above the one you looking for) and a high (to me) Monthly fee for a few items, be more cost effective with more stuff you add.

    Amazon, how does this compare to ebay on price/fees and easy of use?
    Gumtree, know even less about it than Amazon! Is there a Business type shop on there?

    Any others that I don’t know about that you used and rate?


    Premier Icon njee20

    eBay reaches the widest audience, and if you can swallow their fees and the likelihood of the odd scammer/dick then IMO it’s the best bet.

    MTB Rob

    OK thanks Njee, that what I was thinking, good reach fees are OK to high, but a few scammers/dick as you say, but you get them else where as well.

    Anyone use Amazon, how does it compare to ebay?

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    It is so easy to sell stuff on eBay and your potential market suddenly becomes very large for a very minimal outlay so yes it’s definitely worth doing.

    The percentage that eBay and then PayPal skim off the top will start to grate after a while (especially if you are trying to match prices against people who AREN’T selling on eBay) but at the end of the day it’s still a sale that you probably wouldn’t have made otherwise.

    Premier Icon alibongo001

    What sort of stuff would you be selling Rob?

    Ebay has good reach, you are allowed to link to your business web site on the my information bit.

    Could be useful to get some sales through Ebay and include a flyer with your website address on all items purchased.

    Depending on the scale of the outfit, many people seem to be trying to sell on Facebook recently – no fees

    I guess decinding what it is you are trying to do, then aligning everything to that end would be a good idea – is it more sales? Is it traffic to a bricks an mortar shop? etc

    Hope this helps!


    Also depending what brands you are looking to sell on ebay lots of suppliers have no ebay in their terms and conditions.
    To be honest I would not go the ebay route stuff gets sold so cheap on there its impossible to compete just pick a couple of things your thinking of putting on and search them hundreds will come up cheaper.

    MTB Rob

    Brand/parts I am thinking of selling are smaller items, P&A, end of line, 2nd hand kit that been upgraded but still in good condition and I have checked/serviced

    alibongo001 pretty much spot on, hopefully few more sales, (I don’t really what to be going to the post office everyday)link to my normal website, where hopefully where I plan to have “the brands” and then hopefully get them in to the shop!
    I have been building my stock since I have started but even regular/past customers who coming into the shop/workshop (I just to do pick up etc) didn’t realise I had so much stuff, so I need to spread the word a bit more and keep some stock ticking over.

    Yes price wise I know there be always cheaper prices, but hopefully people might be willing to spend a little extra to have something thats been checked and service by qualified mechanic and the item ready to be used.
    I sure many have had it on hear they buy a part thats “in great condition” or “working on bike when removed” to find it not, like bearings feeling rough as hell when checked by hand etc.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    have you read this ^ One reason I’ll never sell via ebay again

    MTB Rob

    Yes Brunep I have seen and following the thread, it was also one of the reasons of asking the question in the first place to see if anything better is out there!
    I mainly selling items that can’t be stripped down and parts swapped and state every thing be posted recorded delivery, but that adds to costs, but help be protected a little more.


    99% of the public are trustworthy but you never hear about them. You just hear about the bad cases.

    To start with use eBay, see if it works for you. Then after 6 months evaluate it. Then maybe consider investing in upgrading your own website?

    I often look for a link to a website as you can buy it cheaper direct (due to the ridiculas fees)

    Premier Icon cdaimers

    You need to get some advice, suggest you give Alan based in Kendal an email. His business operates on eBay, Amazon and his own websites. He generates a decent return on selling socks online and helps other businesses.

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