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  • Business Bank Account for Sole Trader/Small Company?
  • I need to set up a business banking account for my proto-brewery.
    It’s kind of a part time/lifestyle business as opposed to punting beer to every pub in Scotland.

    I saw Tide which seemed good?

    The free account looks like it would work for me, and I found a referral link that would give me 12 months without the 20p transaction charges, making it essentially free for a year as I wouldn’t ever use cash.
    The app etc seem good too.

    Any other recommendations?

    Premier Icon oldtennisshoes

    I use Starling

    Another vote for Starling. It’s free. I like free.

    I use for my Ltd co.


    Another starling user. No charges and the app is pretty good

    Premier Icon NJA

    Starling for me too.

    Premier Icon kcal

    My needs may vary from yours. I have ended up with an RBS Business Reserve savings account – as have very few outgoings and incomings. Folk at local branch pointed me to that as alternative to fee based current account. It also comes with (or mine did) a FreeAgent subscription which may be helpful. I use that to generate invoices and generally keep track of stuff.

    I’ve looked at Monzo business (as have personal account) but most of the options seem to involve some kind of fee or much reduced functionality. And no FreeAgent subscription (though compatible).

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    Monzo have just started offering business accounts. I like my personal banking with them.

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    I use Cashplus and it’s been really good.


    I use tide, it seems pretty decent to me, but I haven’t had cause to use their customer services yet, so no idea whether they resolve issues quickly.

    The application process was super quick and easy, and the app works well.

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