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  • Burly steel LTHT build: Dialled PA, Pike etc
  • Herman Shake

    Dialled Prince Albert mk1 17″, Reynolds 520
    Hope headset
    Rockshox Pike 454, dual air, U-turn, Maxle, MoCo
    Shimano Deore 2012 3×10 groupset (all transmission and brakes)
    Full length gear cable outers
    Syncros 20mm/10mm bolt thru wheelset
    Raceface XY saddle
    Salsa FlipLock clamp
    SDG Bel Air saddle
    Bontrager Earl 50mm stem
    Ritchey WCS 685 riser, ODI Ruffians
    Kenda Blue Groove/Nevegal

    As it was built up in Feb and has been a 2nd bike it’s not had much use in it’s current state. The groupset is all 2012 Deore 10 speed from Merlin (receipts available for warranty) and has no more than 100 miles on it. The chainrings look the same as last year’s SLX, the shifting is crisply precise and the brakes feel like a 1-finger SLX 665.

    The frame shows some scuffs and minor surface rust. I’ve taped the worst of it. The fork also has numerous rubs/scuffs on the lowers and one minor abrasion on the left stanchion (see pic). It performs great, holding air fine and moving smoothly through it’s travel. The saddle has a minor scuff on one corner and the bar/stem show signs of use.

    It’s not a showroom piece, but it’s a solid build capable of an extensive range of riding. Everything functionally important works just as well as it should, it just bares some scars.

    More pics here: PHOTOS

    I also have a rather dapper raw 70mm CNC On-One stem and 710 wide Gravity Light bar. It looks great with the other polished alloy parts and the handling of a wide bar suits the bike very well.

    Looking for £570 couriered as it is or £600 with the other bar and stem.

    Paypal goods payment, bike can be viewed in Brighton (East Sussex). I have bought and sold a fair bit on here, check my history.

    My email’s shameer AT gmx DOT co.uk

    Thanks for looking

    I do believe I saw this earlier – looks nice!

    Herman Shake

    Ah, you may have seen me n my chum timidly trying to learn to manual/wheelie 😳 Cheers!

    I forgot how fun it is to ride, the back wheel and drivetrain are silent which is a bit strange compared to my normal bike. It was lovely off the little kickers up in the left.

    I’d keep it if I wasn’t in a pinch. I’m expecting to build another one up in the future when I can afford 2 MTBs again.

    Yes indeed, I was in the rather vivid hat! Had just finished a full speed lap of the Big Dog course-ish (we got lost a few times) and almost ran over the chap having a mechanical as I went for that nice kicker at the end of the run… Your wheelie/manual attempts looked pretty good.

    Herman Shake

    Ah, I clocked the frame and thought it may be you. You’re 3hatsAl right?

    I’m riding Thursday 6.30ish (either Wild Park or Stanmer) if you want to join us, although I gather you may be with the club/training for the BD.

    Either way, my email’s up there ^, we should meet up for a ride sometime.

    Yes, that’s me too! I’m BD ‘training’ on Tuesday and think I’ll just do some BMX playing between then and race day to keep the legs happy (especially now that I’m in a pair, not a trio…) Yes, let’s do a ride soon, I imagine Wild Park is running well now, was v greasy last time I was there mid-monsoon season!

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