Burlawn North Devon and anywhere similar nearby?

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  • Burlawn North Devon and anywhere similar nearby?
  • We are going down to Devon for half term and I’m looking for some easy’ish XC stuff for a morning/afternoon out on the bike. We are staying about 5 miles inland from Newquay

    I found a single video of Burlawn and a very basic review plus some strava segments. It looks a good place for the wife to walk the dog while I have a bimble. Can anyone point me to somewhere to park and any bits that are fun and should not be missed?

    Also, is there anywhere else nearby that I should consider? Views/fun and not too technical are what I’m looking for. Big climbs must be worthwhile as I am very unfit at the moment so will struggle to enjoy anything uphill without a reward at the top/on the way back down


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    I think you may be going to Cornwall.


    Guess this thread will die



    Guess this thread will die

    May be not – I live in N Devon, an hours drive & I rode Cardinham

    Try here

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    Cardinham and lanhydrock are probably your best bet. Nice cafe/playground at lanhydrock as well to keep the family entertained.

    Or the camel trail and take the family. You can hire bikes/trailers etc even dog trailers. Wadebridge to padstow and back is best bit.

    Fab info despite the poor geography/thread title from me!

    I love the idea of a dog trailer! She is only a puppy so we have to limit the distance she walks, but that could be a great option if the weather is kind

    Thanks people πŸ™‚

    And lanhydrock also has a Parkrun πŸ˜€ Win all round πŸ˜€

    Just had a great day at Lanhtdrock πŸ™‚

    The weather was very kind, the Parkrun was good and my son joined me on the ‘first’ two blues. After a break I then went out and did the more challenging blues πŸ˜€

    Thanks again for the tips!

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