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  • Anyone got bunkhouse recommendations in the peaks? trying to organise a weekend for around 10 people the 1st weekend of february (7/8)

    also anyone got some good routes

    Premier Icon funkynick

    Try Thorpe Farm Bunkhouse just outside Hathersage… have used it a number of times and it’s not too bad.

    There is also a bunkhouse in Bamford on a farm which I have used but can’t remember it’s name, it was a little nicer than Thorpe Farm, but also probably more expensive too!

    if you are looking for cheap bunkhouses take a gander at fallcliffe cottage (outside heathersage) and there is a hut in Stoney Middleton opposite the Moon Inn. I’m sure one of them was BMC affilliated clubs/ groups only, but can’t remember which one.

    Both can take 10-15 people with good catering and living space, and log fire for heating.

    let me know if i can helps anymore.

    Premier Icon Richie_B

    If your looking a bit further south Barn Farm in Birchover have a couple of camping barns

    Premier Icon funkynick

    Fallcliffe is owned by the University of London Mountaineering Club which means it can be a bit of a bugger to book unless you are a BMC affiliated club.

    Premier Icon funkynick

    Barn Farm is pretty good too… and has a cracking pub just down the road too :o)

    Cheers guys

    Have found this one in bamford
    homestead and cheesehouse

    Can’t find any details for stoney middleton.

    Don’t suppose anyone fancies showing us around the local trails on the saturday in exchange for beers/meal?

    (Just found out sheldon and co are going up there the same weekend but think it would be a bit much for 8 or so more mountain bikers to tag along)

    Who are the lot based up there.. bog trotters?

    Premier Icon funkynick

    The Boggies are Lakes based I believe… although do venture out that way…

    And I would volunteer, but I’m as unfit as an unfit thing at the moment, so wouldn’t be pretty crap as a guide as I’d be the one at the back coughing up a lung and pushing up all the hills!

    Hi mate. Happened to stay in one only last fri in Bamford, and very nice it was too:


    My favourite place to ride. I don’t plan routes, so can’t help you there. Include the Beast decsent though, and Cave Dale if you’re feeling brave. I managed to ride all Cave Dale last saturday for the first time ever, though not without a few stops to get my courage up.


    Damn. You posted that while I was looking for the email of where it was off my laptop 🙁

    cheers Steve.. Will enquire about that one. I hear you’re good at planning routes (with pub stops of course) 🙂

    Premier Icon orena45

    Steve – the reason you managed to ride down Cavedale last weekend was because you were still pished from the night before! 😆

    But yeah agree, Homestead and Cheesehouse is nice

    found the one in stoney middleton:
    but looks like you have to be a member of their club, although i think we were bmc affiliated. guess i wasn’t much help!

    if you don’t mind paying a little extra then there is bushey heath farm:

    i think there were three bunkhouses that slept between 4 and 8 people so you could rent a couple of them (one of them had a power shower) and when we stayed there last they gave us some fresh eggs off the farm. worked out at £15 pppn or £12.50 if you had more than 12. not sure if their proces have changed but good value for some posh bunkhouse accommodation. it’s a bit far from the local pubs though if that’s what you want?

    That’s probably true Andy. I want to do it with no more than 2 stops next time though 🙂

    Not too bad at planning routes Gavin. I’ve just finished Scottish C2C, which does include a ‘Day of Death’ through the Cairgorms. We’ll see how people find that. I do a pretty mean Mountain bike pub crawl too.


    Premier Icon hopevalley

    Maybe try ‘The Little John’ pub in Hathersage – they have self catering apartments out the back – not sure how many they sleep but may be worth a look, and they have 3 guest beers on tap – they had a really nice dark porter on last night. luvverly!

    I would have been keen to show you the trails but I’m on a tour of the Welsh trail centres that weekend. . . . first time for me!

    hope you get something sorted.

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