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  • rhysw

    Does anyone know of a bunkhouse that will let you stay 1/2 nights(1-2 people) in the Gisburn forest area?
    Im comming from South Wales and want to ride Lee Quarry,Llandegla and Gisburn. I dont want to go any further North than Gisburn forest. Im looking for somewhere inbetween the 3 centres.


    Premier Icon MadBillMcMad

    stay at the Dog & Partridge, Tosside.

    Its no bunkhouse but the beer & chilli are superb, and its 0m from Gisburn.

    the website looks to be broken but is here – BD23 4SQ
    phone: 01729 840 668

    Premier Icon TonyL

    You could try the old boot and shoe or marmalades in Rosendale both run by mountain bikers with secure bike storage and workshop etc.

    Let me know if you need any local route information

    You could stay with us Rossendale Pennine Adventure as TonyL said at Ye Olde Boot and Shoe.

    Click on us at Rossendale Pennine Adventure

    We have bunk beds and en suite B+B as well

    Cheers Tony

    Here we go linky to Marmalades.


    The chili at the dog and partridge needs a fire extinguisher


    Cheers guy, I’ll look into them.
    TonyL, I’m guessing your local to this area, any extra riding around the centres would be great



    there is no riding up in these parts other than at trail centres.

    If someone told you otherwise punch them in the nose for lying to you.

    (On a serious note all 3 of them places are crap compared to what is out there if you use a map)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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