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  • Bungalows why ? who ? when ? stigma ? show us your bungalow ?
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    I’m in the same boat as you sunshine, as per your OP genuinely never heard of one before. 🙂

    I was just pointing out that if a totally unjustified prejudice doesn’t exist, then someone, somewhere will invent one.

    Human nature innit?

    I was being silly…lets turn this thread into some more fun…

    all those that live in bungalows are complete and utter single minded storied twingos and their breath stinks of single floored malt…

    Grew up in one, my folks built it after the war and materials were rationed so it ever went beyond one floor.
    Always was a freezing house but that’s because it had crap heating, one they put gas central heating in it became the warmest house I’ve ever been inside. Useful now they are 80+ no stairs, warm and easy to maintain.

    Love the idea of going upstairs to bed in our house, just seems right.


    There aren’t many domestic buildings that don’t….

    Ooooh get you, my terrace in Pontywaun had a middle room that had no outside wall, put that in your northern pipe and set it on fire 😉


    Most houses are single storey in my area and a huge majority of Australia. No idea why. I’ve seen 2 storeys marketed as “European style”.


    Where are you aphex ? Land was in abundance over there ?

    We built one 5 years ago and put attic trusses on so if and when we decide more space is needed we can go up the way. its also great for storage in the meantime


    Bung a low, eg bung a low roof on it.

    Cant leave the bedroom windows open at night, no privacy in bedroom if overlooked, by locals in 2 storey houses.

    Easier to get out of in a fire,

    Easier to break into by…………………………..

    Bigger attic space ,


    Mate of mine lives in one, he’ll probably inherit it. Former farm house, most of the land has now been sold, except for a 22 acre field they rent out. Really nice house, masses of space, he effectively has a wing to himself. I’m rather jealous, as my left knee gets ever more uncomfortable. It’s roughly ‘F’-shaped, with the kitchen between the two ‘arms’.
    Only close neighbour is the other side of the road, and it looks out onto the owned field.

Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)

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