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    Charity Ride to Amsterdam – 24th – 26th October

    Dear all,

    On Thursday 24th October, seven other Team Bullheart riders and myself will be attempting a ride from St Raphaels Hospice in Sutton to Amsterdam to raise money for the hospice itself. My close friend Jay Chavalier, his brother Nick and cousin Mark asked me to contribute as a rider in honour of their grandfather, who passed away at the hospice last year, and who was a huge supporter of my original Team Bullheart JOGLE ride in 2010. For those of you who don’t know, I was diagnosed in 2009 with cardiac and skeletal Angiosarcoma, one of the rarest cancers on earth, and was given a less than 1% chance of surviving past 12 months. Due to the dedication and friendship of people like the Chevaliers and their grandfather, I am still here four years later and am currently the longest living cardiac AS patient in history. There is a little more detail here should you like to know more about sarcoma, which accounts for less than one percent of all cancers, and features a rather natty picture of me!


    There is also a film that was made by Sarcoma UK, featuring myself and three other people affected by sarcoma that might be worth a look.

    All In It Together – Living With Sarcoma on Vimeo

    The ride itself is a massive challenge – approximately 150 miles a day, through four countries, on singlespeed bikes. It will be brutal, and require great teamwork to achieve it – we will be riding under a combined King’s Reach/Team Bullheart banner, and I feel proud to be making a contribution to a service providing comfort, support and dignity for those reaching the end of their lives.

    If you feel you’d like to make a contribution, that would be fantastic. If you would rather not, but are happy to spread the word by passing on this email, that would be great too. The page to make donations can be found here:


    Either way, thank you for your support!

    Mark ‘Bullheart’ Fradgley


    It worked this morning. Go Bullheart!


    Thanks Dawn – legend!


    Weather looks like it will be pretty testing. Do you have a route you can publish so we can come and cheer you all on?




    Is once more humbled by Bullheart and in awe of his achievements list which continues to grow

    Best of luck to you all and I will donate tonight [ on public wi fi at the moment]


    Thanks folks!

    Incredibly I have no idea how the route pans out; I spoke to Jay about ten minutes ago and he said he had a ‘rough idea’…

    We set of at half five tomorrow morning, to cover the 90 miles from Sutton to Folkestone by 2pm, and the weather is supposed to be okay. My shonky singlespeed looks like a dogs dinner though…


    Dear all,

    Ride completed. Headwinds throughout Holland, but we rolled into Amsterdam at 5pm yesterday. My bike just about made it; the bottom bracket came out by nearly a centimetre, and with 15 miles to go the 1″ of stretch in my chain meant that our ride in was slow and inglorious, but we did it. I’ll update photos when I get back.

    Many thanks for the words of encouragement on route, they were appreciated by all of the team.

    And congratulations to the rest of the lads, Mark the support manager, my employer Stewart King/King’s Reach and all our incredible, patient and caring family and friends. A geniunely impressive team effort, and in keeping with the Team Bullheart spirit and ethos of riders past, present and no longer with us. I’m proud to have been a part of it

    There is still time to donate should you wish to do so.


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