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  • Bulgaria Holiday? Anyone been?
  • JoeBones

    Anyone any experiences they can tell me?

    Information i’ve been given by Bill the Bulgarian .

    Tattoo’s are cheap

    Women are good looking

    In the good old days of comunism , gangsters wouldn’t hesitate crushing your fingers in a vice if you fecked up car repairs .


    I went last year for a wedding in Sofia – it was cheap and hot, the people friendly ( and the women stunning ).

    I would be happy to go back.


    Thanks, anyone else?


    Yes, we went a few years ago to Sunny Beach. The resort itself was ok but if you went away from you you were straight into a virtually 3rd World country. A lot of poverty. Countryside looked very nice.


    I’ve been on 2 snowboarding holidays there. Pamporovo and Borovets. Both were excellent and cheap. The only other place I’ve been is Andorra which was rubbish in comparison.

    I think it was probably excellent as both were lads holidays and they are very accommodating to excessive drinking, strip clubs etc.

    Not sure it would be ideal for a family holiday or as a couple to be honest.


    i’m just back from business trip there.

    Sofia is quite nice & very similar to central / southern Italy but outside of the city it’s indeed rather 3rd world.

    Depends on what type of vacation you’re looking for…..

    We run mountain bike holidays in Bulgaria, it is a big country where about are you thinking of going? If it is Sunny Beach, that really isn’t Bulgaria. That is a concrete jungle that could be in Spain, Greece or a number of other similar countries. We are in Obzor which has to be one of the nicest resorts in Europe.

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