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  • cyclebiker

    Good idea…
    I decided to make a lefty wheel after buying a fork, I bought Wheel building pro” e book and it was perfect. gives you dimensions to build your own jig and then takes you through the why’s and wherefores about building.

    I took my wheel to my LBS after building, all it needed was more spoke tension. Do it 🙂

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    What ^ said…wheelpro e book is very good..I built a jig and have knocked up quite a few sets of wheels for relatively little money…Only thing I would say is that spoke tension is a lot tighter than you think and be careful of rims without eyelets. In my limited experience try a front wheel first if possible…gives you a feel for it without having to take into consideration the larger dish of the back wheel, although if spokes are correct length there is not much difference, and dont mix your spokes up!!!! that took a while to sort out….

    yes, good idea – just spend a bit of time – take it steady, etc. Once you’ve got the lacing pattern right, you are ‘only’ doing up 32 nuts onto very long bolts.

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    I’m thinking of building up my own rear wheel from a Hope hub and probably a Stans Arch or Flow rim. Seems I’d save a bit of cash by picking up the component bits in sales etc. and also learn a new skill.

    I’d obviously take it to a bike shop for a once over before using it.

    Is this a good or bad idea overall? I’m reasonably competent at technical things

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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