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  • rickyc888

    what groupset should i use for my build,

    im looking at the sram x0 is the xx worth the extra, im trying to build a pretty light bike, for the cranks i can only find BB30 bottom brackets or GXP ones will they fit with a Bottom Bracket shell 73mm, English threaded?

    any info would be really appreciated



    GXP is SRAMs standard for bb. A GXP bb will fit fine into your frame. However they are considered made of cheese.

    For a high end build, get a standard Hope Ceramic bb, and Hopes own GXP adapter (video of how to fit on Hope website)


    thanks ill take a look,

    Premier Icon rickon

    XX is functionally the same, just lighter. I’d also say more expensive to replace, not as powerful brakes, and not really worth it unless you’re aiming for top position as a racer.

    Spend the rest on decent wheels, or save it for something more useful.

    Sensible, and almost Friday. WIN.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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