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    I need to replace my Klickfix Phone bag. It’s been great. I could even charge my Galaxy S2 from the dynamo whilst being fully protected from the elements. Unfortunately the plastic has cracked and holes have developed.
    I want to keep the quad adaptor mount as it’s brilliant but not sure how to go about making my own. I’ve been thinking perhaps of using Sugru but am not that clued up with making moulds. I was also thinking of buying waterproof ripstop but don’t know how to bond it. Also the clear plastic, PU or PVC? Not sure but how would I weld it?
    Anyone here with any solutions to this problem?
    Rixen & Kaul have a new case made from Duratex but it costs about 40 quid! And I don’t need another quad adaptor (mount) as I can use the old one.

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