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  • Build me a perfect Sherwood Pines bike…
  • IvanDobski

    I’m buying a new bike, I want it to be perfect for the type of riding found in Sherwood Pines etc and I already have a 140mm full susser. I’m a big bloke and fairly crap so things get a harsh life as well! My budget is £1500 tops and the current leader is a Pipedream,Reba,SLX,EA70 and pro2 build…

    …but what would the stw crew suggest?

    Alu HT, carbon fork, V brakes.


    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    5″ steel hardtail
    magura menja’s
    pro’2 on some mid weight rims (321, 5.1 etc)
    maxxis highroller 2.35 SPC front, semi slick rear.

    Thats based on the fact that if you live near sherwood, you sealy should be spending more time in the Peaks!


    Definitely some sort of singlespeed with loads of mud clearance, maybe a 29er?


    very light and not much travel, something that’s very pedal efficient. You almost don’t quite need a mountain bike.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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