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  • Buff under your helmet in the heat
  • Premier Icon scotroutes

    I let the excess material hang down the back of my neck so that it wicks sweat away.

    Oh, did anyone find the sunglasses – and was it through Green Cleugh or on the Glen Road?


    +1 did this when cycling on Spain. Totally works!!

    Premier Icon 40mpg

    Couldnt manage without one. Although I am insufficiently coiffed to have natural protection / wicking.

    Keeps the bugs from crawling on / biting my scalp when they get sucked in the vents too.

    Oh and stops the old ‘tiger stripes’ tan which can be quite embarrassing.

    Premier Icon iainc

    always wear one, keeps sun of and wicks sweat, keeps it out my eyes when its hot and keeps me warm when it’s cold.


    Me too…. I thought I was the only one daft enough to layer up on top but I do it too Wick the sweat away from my eyes too. I do the “turn it inside out then pull it through itself” trick to turn it into a bandanna.

    When I stop for a rest I move the wet front bit too somewhere else and have a dry bit at the front. Good to carry on. 😀

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Cool. I have a natty Banff Mountain Film Festival Buff at home in recognition of my star turn as a kettle during a technical interruption of Honnold 3.0

    I shall dig it out. Ta.

    Premier Icon unklehomered

    You post this after my ride… 😐

    But still, will give it a try Cheers! 😀


    Yes it really works. I did not believe that wearing my buff under my helmet in the 30 degrees heat, when riding the Pennine X a couple of weeks ago would actually keep my head from exploding. Well it did. The feeling is snug, but that is about it. I did not feel very hot at all.
    Probably a wee ‘Dark Art’ of cycling that I never new. But please try it, it works.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Been wearing one in summer (and winter for the opposite effect) since my head got a bit sun burned in Les Gets a few years back, just to stop it burning more and to ease the sore bits from helmet rub!

    Splendid things.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    It helps avoid comedy sunburn patterns on my bonce so I always wear one.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Doesn’t work for me, just makes me hotter.


    That title sounds wrong :p


    Drink more water BEFORE your ride.

    Also I never wash my number2 trim. The natural oil protects.

    Premier Icon senor j
    Premier Icon Drac

    I’ve lost all my Buffs 🙁

    Just makes me hotter too. I had used one like a foreign legion hat a few times on that there coninent place when its really baking!


    I just have a MAHOOSIVE head which acts as a heat exchanger for my blood and keeps me cool. I have no use for your puny stretchy tubes.

    Premier Icon alan-sierracycling

    Soak it in cold water whenever you have the opportunity. Cools the head down for ages!


    Are you Marco Pantani??


    I always thoroughly buff my helmet before I ride, I find this prevents chafing and soreness, particularly at the tip.

    Premier Icon bigdean

    If you plan your route properly soaking the buff the the various streams and water troughs is great on a hot day.
    The one 2/3 up the roman road has saved overheating on more than once.

    Strangly i’ve gone to seat band on the wrist on give on any headbands/ buffs, they only last 20mins max before the’re soaked.


    always have

    warm in winter, keeps sweat from eyes in summer

    plus stops badger stripe sun burn


    Glad to hear that some new folk will try the buff thing. I could not believe it worked well for me, and so now will always use one.

    No one has got back to me with the glasses though. It was before the road section, that is where he noticed they had gone. 🙁 Still living in hope though.


    is this for egg-heads only? or will it work for the better-thatched amongst us? I’m not sure I could pull off the pirate look.

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