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  • Budget MTB sunglasses
  • jayx2a

    Any nice sunglasses out there that won’t break the bank? Heard a lot of people use safety glasses?

    Got a long ride coming up and the weather looks good so looking for something soon!


    Excellent value for money. Lenses scratch a little easier than better stuff, but in terms of optics and fit, they’re very good indeed.

    I got some Evans ones a few weeks ago and they’re great!

    Premier Icon 1timmy1

    The Alpkit ones with 3 lenses are cheap and do the job nicely.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    I just bought some Tifosi photochromic ones (£40-ish), having had various super cheap and middling cheap (eg Endura) ones. Very impressed with the optics, fit and speed of transition.

    Premier Icon kcal

    +1 for Tifosi. can get standard with 3 lenses or photo for sub £50, good fit and decent optics. Decent enough anyway.


    Tifosi. I got some with clear, light and dark lenses for £30.

    These. Not the most stylish but the sweat hole significantly reduces misting up.

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    I file cycling specific sunglasses next to cycling specific socks


    Planet x are selling glasses which are identical to endura mullet for £20.

    When I say identical, bar the logo they are the same glasses…

    I bought 2 pairs.


    I like Uvex. Fit well and usually cheapish!

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    Decathlon, also have a look at the non bikey ones.


    Planet X also have a bunch Oakley-style glasses. Again, apart from the logo you’d have a hard time deciding which was which.
    I got a cheap pair for £15, and a photochromic pair for £45 – I’m very pleased with both of them.


    Another thumbs up for Planet X. For MTB I wear a 20 year old pair of Oakleys but on road am instantly a Carnac convert. Very light, good optics, look fairly neutral.


    Well now i have gone from looking at a couple of pairs to shed loads!

    Will look at some of the Tifosi ones.

    The Planet X selection is huge!

    Premier Icon winston

    I have the Merlin own brand glasses. 4 lenses and a hard case for £18. Used them all summer and they are fine. Clear quickly and I prefer the single lens as easier to change and further away from eyes so slightly less fogging.

    Premier Icon darksideby182

    Check out the bolle safety glasses they are cheap and come in different tints or if you’re lucky they’re free on building sites.

    Premier Icon oikeith

    Foakley Jawbreakers from eBay have served me well for years now, picked up a few pairs so have a pair for MTB and pair for Road Riding. On the MTB pair I have picked up an legit oakley clear lens and run that with no issues.

    Premier Icon igm

    Bolle Contour. Cheap, robust, good fit, clear, amber or dark, good optics.

    Readily available and at these prices…

    PS – they do scratch up if you face plant at 20mph (as my son did on his road bike) but they don’t disintegrate so I’ll accept that.

    Premier Icon stumpy01

    I recently got some Tifosi ‘frameless’ glasses which were reasonable & I’ve been very impressed with.

    I’ve also got a couple of pairs of Bloc, which are decent quality & reasonably priced.

    And some cheap Uvex with clear lenses, which look a bit like safety glasses with sportier arms on. They were pretty cheap & seem to be lasting well – mist up a bit perhaps when you come to a stop, but nothing too bad.

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