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  • Budget Gaming Rig
  • prezet
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    Considering buying a gaming rig to play a few games that I normally played on my Mac (starcraft/diablo etc) with an egpu. But I’ve never built one up myself – so have a budget of about £800 to purchase something pre spec’d/built.

    There’s lots of options online. But could do with being guided in the right direction if anyone has any experience in this?

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    Scan are always a good option. They have bundles but not sure if they include cases. If you want pre-built then the below is in your price range. Do you need a monitor, mouse and keyboard as well?

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    Thanks @jeffl – no, I have all those, I just need the tower.

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    You might get slightly more for your money at somewhere like ccl-online or awd-it, plus their PC customisation options allow you to change things like gpu, RAM, storage, etc. There’s one on awd-it for around £850 with a Ryzen 5600X CPU and Radeon 6700 GPU that is about as good a system as you’ll get for the money right now.

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    I’ve had good feedback on the overclockers forum regarding my proposed component spec if wanting to self build.
    Built two mid range gaming pcs for the kids and they’ve both turned out really well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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