Budget cordless vacuum cleaner?

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  • Budget cordless vacuum cleaner?
  • Duane…

    Hi all,

    Looking for a cordless vacuum for our small flat (hard floor and short carpet) and car, to replace a Dyson V6 that rarely works (some kind of electrical fault), and a Vax corded vacuum that barely sucks.

    Budget of £150, closer to £100 would be better. Happy with refurbished, but would like at least a 1 year warranty. Ability to use it hand held would be great for cleaning car.

    Few options:

    Vax Blade 2 Max 40V refurbished – £110 (pretty decent reviews in general, cheap, but Vax seem to have a rep for poor reliability which is a worry with only a 1 year warranty, partner thought it felt cheap when we saw one in John Lewis today)

    Shark Duoclean 200UK refurbished – £150 (good reviews, bit pricey, unknown reliability (only 1 year warranty)

    John Lewis – £130 (2 year warranty, not much info)

    Bosch Athlet BCH6ATH1GB – £150 (2 year warranty, awkward hand held mode, good battery life, decent brand)

    Then there are various cheap Amazon options like:
    Jajibot (cheap, good spec, goodish reviews, unknown brand)

    Any thoughts?


    If you have cordless power tools, some manufacturers make a bare vacuum tool

    Ditto…. Have a v6 that’s in its last legs. Three batteries later and just tired and old. I can’t bring myself to buy a £500 v11. Even the v10 is about £400. That’s a lot of bike stuff!

    Keep seeing sharks mentioned…. Any good?


    Shark generally considered good. Our cleaner has one and loves it, I’ve just ordered one, not cordless, and it has a 5 year warranty.

    We recently got a Shark and think it’s ace. Not so sure it would be as clever is it didn’t have the whizz-bang powered head but it does, so it is!



    Chestrockwell – which Shark do you have? Does the powered head make much of a difference? The one in my budget doesn’t come with powered head 🙁

    Premier Icon cp

    We recently got the Vax Blade 2 Max 40V refurbished, same eBay deal.

    Impressed so far. Not corded Dyson powerful (unsurprisingly) but far better than previous Dyson handheld.

    Powered roller brilliant for carpets.

    We have a Makita that uses LXT 18v batteries from my drill/driver. Paid £30 – perfect for sucking dust and ash from the stove surround and general clearing up fur and hair after the dog.
    Xmas holiday home had a gtec handheld that was pretty good.


    I’ve got one of these

    Which uses the batteries from my cordless tools – it’s great for the car, stairs etc

    I wouldn’t buy another Dyson based on previous poor reliability.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    We have a Makita that uses LXT 18v batteries from my drill/driver. Paid £30

    I have the Makita vac. It’s ok for cleaning up a few woodshavings…..i suppose, but to be honest I don’t take it out on site with me any more to clean up as it’s just not powerful enough.

    I use a corded vac.

     and a Vax corded vacuum that barely sucks.

    Presumably you’ve tried it with a fresh bag and cleaned the air intake mesh (often a little foam square over an intake somewhere) ?


    How about a factory service for your current vac? The Dyson service used to be pretty good getting you quite a few new parts. Should cost less than a new vac and you end up with something better than a budget model.


    I have never been able to justify buying a cordless vacuum cleaner. Currently using a corded and bagged 12 year old Electrolux. Cost under £30 sucks like a… more than adequately. My car is manky though 😊


    I’ve seen a good GTEch one that might be worth a look. Good customer service (according to my aunt) as they supplied spares on her old one, rather than her having to chuck plastic away etc.


    We have the shark 200, as per the ebay linky. I think it’s a really good tool, works well, but haven’t tried any others to compare it to. Also the g/f bought it, while I agonised over which one was the best value… I’d say the powered head unit is definitely worthwhile if your using it as an upright replacement, but if not don’t worry about it.


    We bought the Vax recently and have been really impressed with it. Good suction, and the spinny mode is great. Its also made me question why I’ve never had a Hoover with headlights before.


    Thanks all. Turns out the £150 Shark does have the powered head, so decided to buy that. Fingers crossed it’s decent!

    Premier Icon rossburton

    Looking at the refurb Shark that’s a damn good saving on the Amazon price. I do note that the Shark claims 22 minute runtime where the Dyson V6 claimed 30 minutes, V8 40 minutes and V10 60 minutes. I guess the bulk of what you’re paying for is either improved engineering in the motor, or just a bigger battery.

    Dyson have a refurbished outlet.


    £130 for a v6
    £260 for v8
    £340 for a v10.

    I’ve just bought one. It looked like new and works fine (for now). There is a one year warranty on the refurbished ones, 2 for new.

    I have myself Dibea KB-9008, and it’s pretty good option and it fits your budget. Moreover, it’s bagless, which is a big advantage.
    Anyway, I think you may find this list of budget cordless vacuums useful, I’ve found it while searching for my model of vacuum.




    Thanks all. Turns out the £150 Shark does have the powered head, so decided to buy that. Fingers crossed it’s decent!

    I don’t think you’ll regret it. I’ve got one (albeit not refurbished) and love it. Folds town to a tiny size, light weight, the bending tube thingy saves your back. Just great. The only thing is being small and light it gets jammed with things like sweet wrappers quite easily. As the rollers are so efficient they need de-hairing fairly often if anyone in the house has long hair. Other than that they’re top banana.

    If you keep an eye on Amazon, the spare batteries come up fairly regularly for £50 instead of £70. Worth having if you have a big house.

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