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  • Budget 29er – how cheap could you build it?
  • Premier Icon Handsomedog
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    Having had a skim read of the knockoff chinese carbon 29er thread I’m tempted into a longish term project to build a 29er. The target would be racing Bristol Bikefest on it.

    So how cheap do you think it could be done, assuming that I transferred drivetrain, controls and brakes from my existing 26″ hardtail….?

    Any good deals or second hand bits out there?

    Premier Icon thomthumb
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    forks will be the difficult bit – is rigid an option?

    wheels come up on classifieds for around £100. often enough. on one often have their wheelset for about that money.

    tyres £25/ pair. from classifieds. depends what you want as some of the cheaper 29er tyres are a bit pants.

    seatpost & front mech are easy enough say £25 the pair

    Premier Icon naffrider
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    Got my Scandal frame for 75, Fox 100 for 150, bonty wheels for 100 and pair of maxxis tyres for 30. Then like you transfered most stuff over.

    Love a bargin me.

    Premier Icon bol
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    As with any other build, go for the best/lightest frame and wheels you can for the money. I went for a Scandal as it is light and has good versatile geometry. As Naffrider says, Bontrager wheels are great value second hand, as are Specialized, of which there will be a lot more about in 29″ guise this year. A nice wide flat bar might be worth a look too if you’re not especially tall. Truvativ do one that can be found pretty cheap.

    Premier Icon scud
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    I’ve got a 18″ On One Scandal frame if that is any good to you? Would come with Hope seatclamp and headset and carbon seatpost?

    Also have a set of 2008 29er Reba’s to go with it, could probably sort some tyres for you as well?

    Was about to place it all on the classifieds.

    Premier Icon fenred
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    I’m doing this at the moment, got cheapo Merlin 29er wheelset (£79) Reba rl’s (15% discount £270)both just arrived this morning. Wheels seem well built, all the spokes make the same noise on twang test, not the lightest but for that dough I’m well chuffed. 😀

    ^^ Alternatively buy scud’s stuff for better quality/cost saving etc….Bare in mind the cheapest set of tyre I could find were £50 for tyres and tubes.

    Premier Icon miketually
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    If everything else transfers, you just need frame, fork, wheels and tyres.

    It’s much harder to find bargains for 29er stuff. I ended up building a 26″ bike, as the 29er was going to cost too much. In the end, I decided that a 26er with better tyres, etc. would be better and there were some good 26″ bargains about.

    (But I still find myself looking at 29ers… CTBM has a bargain Karate Monkey that I’d have snapped up if it was available earlier in the year.)

    Premier Icon Lionheart
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    I have built up two 29ners a cheaper one to see if i liked them and an expensive-ish one costing about £1500+, expensive one was pretty good I just preferred the cheaper one.
    Not really cheap, just went bargain hunting. Tried for decent bits to give it a fair chance.
    Just under £400….
    Mostly second hand off here, few new consumables and few out of shed parts bin:
    Frame Zion (sort of US OnOne) £60
    Forks Revs £80
    Wheels OnOne £60
    Tyres Ardents £30
    XT driveline set 1×9 £60
    Brakes Haynes £40
    new inner tubes £10, cables £20, grips £10 and chain £25
    Bars, stem, QRs, saddle and seatpost from shed

    Premier Icon steve_b77
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    Built mine up for not a lot at all if I’m honest.

    Got the frame new for £299 (but some inheritance paid for that) then swapped drive train, brakes & finishing kit over from 26″ HT.

    Needed new wheels, forks, tyres, seatpost & some flat bars, has a mass clear-out and made money in the end 😀

    BTW Specialized 29’er tyres are great, esp the Ground Control 2Bliss I have on mine, and they’re pretty cheap too.

    Premier Icon Handsomedog
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    Thanks all – you may just have cost me a lot of money…

    thomthumb – yes rigid is an option, certainly for the purposes of getting a rideable bike. Probably carbon.

    scud – would you mind emailing me details of what you might have available to edward [dot] rollason [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk ??

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