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  • Budapest City Break April
  • grantyboy

    Thinking about a city break in April for the girlfriend turning 40. What’s Budapest like? Or any other suggestions for something a bit more left field than the usual Paris/Rome/Barcelona breaks


    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    The search is your friend – Budapest comes up a lot, and everybody has great suggestions.

    Having worked there 20 odd years ago, I can say it was a lovely city.  Not sure about recommendations these days.


    We did Prague at a similar time last year – a great city and all walkable.

    Premier Icon tthew

    Budapest is great but also a pretty mainstream suggestion these days.

    For left field, have a look at Nuremburg. Historical, lovely city. Smashing sausages.


    I Love Budapest, it’s a city where I could happily move if I was 40 years younger and not married. It has the architecture and the airiness and views of Paris but without the Parisians. Just search on STW because this comes up several times a year and you’ll find loads of suggestions.

    You’ll probably do Air BNB but if I was rich I’d stay at the Gresham Four Seasons. When I go on business I stay at the Novotel or in the old days, the wonderful Gellert, although that hotel has no AC.


    I hate being one of those people that recommend what you’ve said you don’t want but have you ruled out Barcelona because you’ve been before? We do a city break every November and we did Budapest Nov 2018 yes it was nice enough but now I’ve been I wouldn’t go back again. I’ve done Barcelona before and it’s on the list to return to because I liked it so much. It takes a lot to make me want to go again considering how the years we’ve been doing the trips.

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    Budapest is our favourite European city. Loads of stuff to do and see, and just a really nice ambience as you wander round exploring.

    Also a cheap way to try a Michelin Starred restaurant (half the price of the U.K.). Although ironically my favourite meal that trip was from the canteen in the old market!

    Public transport etc works well, and getting around is easy despite the (very tricky to pick up!) language.


    Yep, love Budapest. I’ve posted recommendations on previous threads. Massively prefer it to Barca.


    Done Budapest and Prague – Prague is really lovely – just back from 5 days there. Walked 40 miles over 5 days and we saw loads.

    Budapest was done on a ‘mature’ stag doo about 3 years ago – we walked loads, drank loads and ate loads. Jewish Quarter and the ‘ruin’ bars are great. We were heading home by the time the kids were coming out about 1am (we’d been drinking since lunch).


    Went in the summer and really enjoyed it, did fall lucky as it was a national holiday so loads of pop up stalls and bars plus tonnes of street food and a huge firework display.
    Plenty to see and do + very reasonable prices.


    Went in the summer and really enjoyed it, did fall lucky as it was a national holiday so loads of pop up stalls and bars plus tonnes of street food and a huge firework display.

    St Stephen’s Day, the absolute best time to be in Budapest. I’ve got family there so I go at least once a year:) As others have said check the search as there’s loads of info posted previously.

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    Tick, going with my uni mates in late May. Plenty for some 50+ gentlemen of culture to do I assume? Open air beer gardens, for example?

    Premier Icon vondally

    Paris is meh, vastly over priced and basically middle class bourgeois.

    Rome, tourist crowded but with some of the greatest historical sites….partheon and so on ditto expensive

    Barcelona overhype cool and expensive.

    Budapest ok… Museum of teror brilliant, take a bike and ride .. liked it better than Paris and Barca

    Prague escape the old town centre brilliant, Jewish quarter was a revelation.

    Vienna..seriously expensive but a great historical wake up to another empire
    Lisbon …. seriously cool city in danger of being tourist out
    Porto…very chilled

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    +1 for Porto but my mate Gus has a house in Aveiro and it is the biz for a chilled location. Not too far inland to the hills.


    Bit further out but check out Yerevan.

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