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  • BT Vision any good?
  • Joxster

    Does anyone on here use BT Vision? is it worth it or just a waste of money. I would only be getting it if I can get Eurosport and the odd football match. Can it be shared over two TVs or would I need a 2nd box.

    Sky isn’t an option, what else is available. I’ve got freeview built in to the main TV and a stand alone box for the 2nd TV.


    no it *IS* shit. craps out all the time mid paid content etc, don’t bother get sky or a descent freeview PVR, oh and BT Broadband blows goats too. (thats my professional opinion)


    I’ve found out that I can’t get Eurosport so it’s a non starter.

    I just want to watch the TdF on the big TV and not via a laptop. 🙁


    Connect the laptop to the big TV?

    Watch the highlights?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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