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  • BT new phoneline not recieving calls and stuck in a call centre loop
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    (and yes I know i before e except after c 😉 )

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    2 weeks now, and tens of phonecalls, 2 engineers visits (no problem with line or equipment)
    Phone we can make calls out but incoming the caller gets a ‘number not recognised’ message

    We eventually got broadband (Infinity) fixed yesterday after 2 weeks, apparently they hadn’t completed an order (between BT and BT Openreach) or somethin

    phone-line though is still the same
    (Indian) call centre people deny any fault, refer it back to Engineering
    Engineering test line, find no problem, close the case
    I re-open it and we all start again

    Worst customer service I have ever encountered but kind of stuck as if it is a problem with the BT line (previous houseowner tells me it was okay) then going elsewhere (Virgin not an option, not in the area) will still have the same issues as another supplier has to use the same BT owned infrastructure

    Any BT people or telecoms engineers here know what the problem might be?


    dial 17070 and listen, is it your number that the auto-person reads out?

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    Have you swaped provider? If so , there is nothing wrong with your line, the transfer of ownership between old and new providers hasnt gone through fully,happens the odd time, everthing will appear fine on all systems, you may have to contact your old provider to get them to reissue cease order.


    We had a problem with a phone line that was caused by the line in the street rather than the one inside the house.

    Try the BT Facebook/website, found them more helpful than the call centres.


    Email the head cheese with your issues,I’m sure the details have been posted on here once before.
    Point out how you have been repeatedly let down and what a poor service you have received so far.

    Hopefully it will get the ball rolling ,looks like someone at BT won’t take ownership of the issue.

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    Yes it’s the right number

    Yes we have moved house and transferred number from Virgin (it was originally a BT number before we switched to cable years ago)
    That was what I suspected and what I’ve told them (as has engineer)

    No reason to suspect line in street in at fault, everything worked fine last month for previous owner

    Any contact details? Given I’ve been told they don’t even have a complaints procedure/department and all the website provides is an address to write to (don’t get me started on Royal Mail not redirecting our post…)

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    Abandon all hope. In my experience BT customer service is pathetic. The only bloody thing they have managed to get right for me is sending me spam. Lots and lots of spam.

    People have said before that Twitter is the best way to get attention – try that?


    BT Retail-Managing Director
    Mr Warren Buckley
    0207 356 5431


    Personal Twitter:

    All easily found on the internet just incase the mods are concerned.

    Premier Icon iain1775

    You sir are a star
    In the meantime I have called Virgin, spoken to a real person in English who has confirmed they have had no contact from BT to release the number, this has now been actioned and hopefully in 48-72 hours all will be sorted
    All it took was a 10 minute call to their competitor!

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    I can’t believe that you’ve given BT your custom after all the moans on here! 😉

    They are undoubtedly the shittiest company to deal with. 😐

    Hope you get it sorted out, must be incredibly frustrating for you.

    Edit: it took BT 8 weeks to set up broadband and I threatened them with the Small Claims Court for reimbursement of the money spent on calls to them.

    Premier Icon iain1775

    I didn’t have much choice where we have moved to, it was BT Infinity or a less than 1mb connection

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