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  • BT internet- their call centre RANT
  • hora
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    WTF? This isnt racist BTW its unbelievable that a business based on communication provides a ‘help’ facility where you can barely understand their staff or them you. I dont deny that the person on the other end of the phone is probably educationally brighter than me however I ended the call still none the wiser as to what the BT employee was saying nor he what I was after. Last night my girlfriend had also tried.

    Bang my **** head against a wall here. Anyone else????

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    But it does give us an opportunity to listen to this (NSFW!) clip again…

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    Fair enough, if you’d paid for the ex-directory number!

    I’d have told them to **** off too; BT are useless ****. One of their Indian call centre staff accused me of being racist, because I asked to be put through to someone in the UK, who had the necessary authority to escalate my complaint. And quite often, if something’s not on their ‘script’, they simply can\’t deal with it.

    Time the use of foreign call-centres was banned. There will be plenty of people in this country willing to do the job, and it’s BRITISH **** Telecom, ffs. I do not want to speak to someone in Mumbai, who can’t sort out my problems. The only ones that can, are the ones based in the UK. Maximising profits by using cheap overseas labour. Bunch of ****.

    Tell you what worked for me, though. I found this email addy (it’s the CEO of BT), and sent off an email to him. 10 mins later, I recieved a reply, and that evening, got a call from a woman in their high-level complaints team, who had everything sorted out for me within a couple of days. After MONTHS of ‘David’ or whoever, just not being able to do **** all.

    Good luck…

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    Had the same problem when i was with them. There are only so many times you check a filter and unplug and replug stuff. I made a complain and threatened to terminate payments. That got an engineer around

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    I’ve reinstalled my software so all I need is the BT password to enable my wireless to work. I didnt mention the first bit as I knew it would confuse the issue so just said ‘mislaid password please help’.

    He kept on saying your connection is fine though Sir. I know, the line is fine its me missing my password!

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    last time i rang them it took 40 mins to actually speak to someone.

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    I had the same problem.
    They direct to India when the call centre at Manchester gets overrun.

    The bloke at the other end must have been reading a script with me as well.

    eventually got through to Manchester who expalined to me about the re-directing at times of high demand.

    I have to agree, a company that deals within a ceratin country should have staff that can speak and communicate in the language. I would have thought that was the first step in good customer service.

    the whole country is **** at the moment.

    Very little sense of supplying a service, more making as much dosh as possible.

    look, you’ve got me all wound up now.

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    Yep he did read off a script. Kept on repeating the same conclusion and say right Sir?

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