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  • BT Home Hub 3 and iPhone 4 – Problems
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    Power-cycle the router.

    Try disabling WPA temporarily, see if the problem persists (basically, try to rule out variables, you have too many).


    Just upgraded to infinity and have the home hub 3 after previously using the home hub 2. 
    The Internet is fine, more than fast enough, however I now have a problem that I didn’t have previously with my other devices around the home. 
    If I’m on the laptop(s) everything behaves as you’d expect, surf, download, stream whatever alls fine.  However when my daughter goes online with her wii or ds it stops working/locks up when playing online, but the main problem seems to be mine an my partners iPhone 4’s. They will both happily surf the net all day long however if either of us try’s to download an app that’s over about 25mb then it seems to get to about the 25mb area then just locks up and will not download the rest of the app, also if we go on iPlayer, as an example we will get through about 20-30mins then that too will lock and play no more, YouTube is the same, but not as bad as the films etc are normally small. If I try to play/stream the same thing on either laptop it will play flawlessly. 
    Now I appreciate it could be that the wii, ds and two iPhones have suddenly stopped working properly, but seeing as they all worked flawlessly when using the home hub 2 I suspect it’s the home hub 3 that’s causing the issues, especially as the videos etc will play fine when I use the mobile/3G instead as a test.  
    So anyone else had similar and managed to sort it? Or indeed any ideas, I’ve already tried changing the wireless channel from 6 to 11 and then to 1, with 11 being the best but still problematic, I could try all the other channels but didn’t have the time today before work. 
    As for security settings, its on WPA-PSK the same as it was on the home hub 2.
    So basically right now I’m stumped :-/

    Cheers, Rob. 


    Already tried restarting (should have said) will try changing the security settings and I suppose totally disable them to briefly test, although it was fine with the Home Hub 2, so would that suggest a dud Hub 3?
    Failing that I’ll try a factory reset.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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