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  • BT broadband connection issue knowledge?
  • Premier Icon alexxx
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    So I had an engineer come out to the cabinet today.. he called me and said he was there because he was told there was no dial tone… I said thats not really what I reported and explained basically I’m getting about 1/2 of my rated upload speed and +15mbps less than what plusnet have said my download would be (50mbps not the stated 70mbps)… He said he couldn’t do anything really as his hands were tied as he’s there for a phone not broadband fault…

    Anyway… 1 hour later my internet goes down and comes back with 200ms ping, 0.5mbps down and 7mbps up… and it’s been like this for a few hours… what the hell has caused that?!

    Have I got the flakiest exchange?

    Just curious for some geek / insider knowledge input… not real world solutions!

    Premier Icon rossburton
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    Have you tried turning the router off for ten minutes? Apparently the line being down for a bit will cause it to re-train when it reconnects.

    50 instead of 70 isn’t unexpected, for what it’s worth. Plusnet will tell you the upper end of the expected range, and you get the lower. I’m in exactly the same boat: BT Wholesale said 50-70, and I get 52.

    Premier Icon Cougar
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    What Ross said.

    What’s your internal wiring look like?

    Premier Icon fossy
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    Anyone locally reporting an issue. We had a failed card on the exchange, but BT would ne listen, we had download but next to no upload, unless we used a VPN – work VPN’s were slow.

    Three days it was down, despite many calls saying it’s not this house, it’s all over the local facebook (not just BT affected). Even had an openreach engineer testing our house, who had just been told about it, but understood there were many complaints. Eventually they found the faulty card after 3 days.

    Premier Icon spooky_b329
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    Your CP has probably raised a phone fault as it’s cheaper/less likely to result in charges than reporting a broadband speed issue

    Premier Icon alexxx
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    Tried the router offline for 10mins no joy.
    Internals are good just BT master socket (with built in filter) straight into a plusnet router with wifi disabled and using a ubiquiti AC-LR for wifi.
    Is there anyway to see if there are any reports on poor performance on the network? I really doubt it… too coincidental that after the engineer phoned me it went to crap so must be something he’s knocked or done?.

    I haven’t seen inside a cabinet but I guess its a rack of switches or something that branch off from a main fibre line in?

    I guess I was just being a little greedy as the upload at 10mbps is annoying as I do actually push quite a bit of stuff up.. didn’t care so much about the DL… however I am literally only 250meters from the box (actual line measurement). so to drop 50% on upload in that distance is pretty mental.

    How does using a VPN get around your upload issue? That doesn’t make sense to me.

    Thanks !

    Premier Icon timmys
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    Not sure this is much help, but the Plusnet forums have people who know their stuff, so worth posting there.

    Not clear if you have done this, but for clarity on what you ‘should’ be getting then check the BT wholesale tool;

    Premier Icon alexxx
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    Sods law.. I just found an old BT homehub and popped in my plusnet details and now its back to 55mbps down and the upload is up to 17mbps which I haven’t seen for a couple of years! (since moving to plusnet)… so I wonder if the router they provided was a bit of a dud.

    They have stilled promised the down could be 67mbps minimum so we’ll see what the engineer says on Friday but I’m happy with it now as the upload seems pretty damn good!

    Wonder what it was on the old router messing up :/

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    Flakey PlusNet connection a few months back and 0.5mb down often. PN tech guys ran loads of tests their end and could see there was a fault, likely dodgy wire. BT guy sent and he spent ages trying things. Ruled out internal wiring. Fiddled in the box down the road, said nothing wrong but I did see speed improve a lot, but his test kit said it was still faulty. Ended up being the box the overhead cable goes into on the house.

    Intermittent issue sorted, was only up to half speed though and he said to get PN to send a new router, which they did (PN rebrand of the BT Home Hub 5), and get 75 down now which is what I had originally on the old router. Noting originally I had the BT Openreach Fibre Modem plus PN router, and now I just have the PN hub as it has the fibre modem built in. So maybe it was the BT modem at fault.

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    I had BT for years and always got the top end of the range. I switched to Plusnet thinking it was basically the same as BT only cheaper. Wrong. The speed was always 5-10mb less than my BT speed which was 70mb and it also kept dropping out. Every week or so it would go off for half an hour at some point. Ive got Meraki switches and APs so I got an alert every time the uplink went off which meant I could evidence the outages.  I rang them loads and they said “no fault” as although they could see the dropouts, it was within tolerance and there was no fault on the line. 🙄

    I swapped back to BT as soon as I could and my speed went back up and they also diagnosed a line fault and switched me to another pair in the cabinet. Been stable ever since….

    Premier Icon alexxx
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    Got a legend of an engineer! now on 73 down and 20 up.. had to change the line… annnd diagnosed the plusnet router is also bollocked as an old BT one I had connected at the actual line speed.

    As if I got a happy ending from an internet story!

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