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  • GolfChick

    Recommendation on what to do is rest them. What not to do is anything that makes you scream!

    Seriously though I bruised centre of my ribs back at end of April same as you they xrayed as for first 24 hours i could barely take a breath and it took god months to go away. Couldn’t sleep for days lying down, I had to sit up on sofa to sleep. The pills would last til about 2/3am and then i’d wake up in excruciating pain. It really is a slow route to recovery for bruised ribs. In fact its only just maybe the last two months that I can breath to my full capacity without hurting at the top of my breath!


    For the love of god dont get a cold or listen to any brilliant jokes. Try to breath deeply once in a while.


    dont sneeze, do rest and do work out how to get out of bed

    God it hurts when you lie down, breathe or move

    Dont ride the bike as that is just asking for trouble IMHO


    rest is about the only thing you can do.

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    Mine were just getting better, when I yawned and had a little stretch. Just don’t. Coughing is out also. Took 6 weeks for me to fully recover.


    So, I smacked myself hard on Relentless 24 and ended up in a&e (after the event and after driven home) with lots of pain in my ribs. X ray confirmed nothing broken, just severe bruising. They have given me co-coda mol & naproxen. Anyone have any recommendations on what to do / not to do? Rode to work and every ridge in the road was a wave of pain. Does #5 take preference or is there a more prescribed route. Walking at speed is now a challenge.

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