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    Great scenery, freindly natives, big hills and rocks , lovely wind turbines in the distance, and sometimes rain and wind.

    Hopefully i may turn up as well.

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    It’s a brilliant race, but unfortunately I can’t make it this weekend 🙁

    I have no problem with Lee Quarry, love the place (actually prefer riding round Cragg even if that path between them is deceptively long and steep). It’s the putting a number on and the ‘you can’t stop for a breather’ element I’m slowly coming to terms with… 😉

    Actually looking forward to to it.


    Yep, I’ll be there. If you see an owd lad on a singlespeed it’ll be me.

    I’ll be the bloke pushing an ’07 Clockwork…..

    Anyone else doing it?

    Only my second ‘race’ (HTN was the first and I didn’t really do much ‘racing’, more pushing and wheezing)!

    After the amount of pushing and stopping on my last trip to Lee Quarry (last week!) I reckon my entering the 40+ may have been a tad optimistic….if I just lurk at the start of the Have a Go will anyone notice…or care?

    Maybe just MTFU and accept the ridicule eh?

    See you there..



    Don’t suppose any of you guys could ‘bring a marshal’ along with you could you 😉


    I’ll be marshalling….I’ll cheer you on
    Hopefully the weather will be better than last time

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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