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  • shedbrewed

    Yes on singlespeed MTB
    Swift and probably a little short length wise for me.
    Proofride and keep dry.
    More proofride is needed.
    Different kettle of fish.


    I recently got a swift for my commute bike. I really like it. They’re shorter and a little narrower than the flites I have on all my other bikes. I really like it though and it’s starting to break in, so feels very right when I jump on that bike.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    B17 – for about two years now.

    No “breaking in” required.

    I applied some “Sno Seal” boot waterproofing to the underside when it was new and nothing since.

    Fantastic on long distance rides – “like having your butt cheeks massaged by a Filipino lass”


    Swallow until recently adorned ma fixeh skidda. Submerged once to often and I need to reshape it, I have a very aysemtrical arse if the sagging is anything to go by.

    Its very comfortable but turbos, flites, rolls, spoons etc I also find very comfortable my posterior is easy?!

    Lovely things, heavier that the sun though.


    Mixture of Swifts and B17s across my bikes. Really comfortable and worth the 10 minutes I spend every year on maintenance.


    Does anybody use one on any of their bikes?
    If so which model and how do you find it?
    Is there much maintenance required with one?
    Are they worth the extra premium over something like a Fizik/Selle?


    B17’s on a couple of touring type bikes. Very comfy once shaped to you. I put neetsfoot oil on mine every couple of years and cover with a carrier if it’s raining and I’m not sat on it.


    I’ve had one in the past. I was fine but TBH i just couldn’t see the benefit other than the look of it (if that’s your thing – It’s not mine) over a modern saddle and it has significant downsides.


    Rather like the look of the new Cambium. But then I guess that’s not traditional Brooks. I’d be tempted if I had a suitable bike to put it on!


    B17S on my road bike used to be on my single speed mountain bike not only comfy it takes the sting out of bumps as it has some natural suspension.


    B17 here. Tad uncomfortable for a short while but nothing major. Wonderfully comfy now.


    Me too, brooks swift.

    Couldn’t get on with it on the road bike, too much pressure on the perry. But, on my singlespeed it’s wonderful, as if there’s been a few psi let out of the tyres.


    Swift on the winter bike. Lovely for long long miles. Needs to be kept dry. Heavier than a heavy thing from heavy things R us, but I like that in a training/audax sort of thing bike.

    Premier Icon kcal

    been trying out some Brooks saddles and have to say they’re pretty good though finding a good fit for one’s ar$e is key. e.g. tried a standard B17 but way too wide. Swift was good but it might have been quite a used one, again felt it was a tad wide.

    Have just obtained a Swallow and impressions are good, support is great; pressure on sit bones at the moment but still to give it some miles.

    I’m sure I read on the Brooks site that Swift / B17 was MTB or at least sit up target, while Swallow as more road / stretched out intended. makes some sense from above..

    Got a B17 narrow on my tourer that I use nearly everyday. Very comfortable with or without padded shorts [not tried it naked yet, but will report back accordingly].

    I did have one on my hardtail for a while. It was comfy, but to be honest it took a proper battering and despite the proofide and the use of a rain cover, after getting soaked wet through and covered in mud/grit three times a week, it soon became overstretched, and an eyesore too.

    Would I recommend one …
    For a tourer/commuter/fixie most definitely, for a road bike possibly, off road bike – no.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Not Brooks, but San Marco.

    Bloody comfy and awesome style IMHO..

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