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  • munkster

    I’m finding my Charge Spoon to not be agreeable to my behind anymore (heresy I know) and am looking to the Cambium but am a little bemused and confused about the different types. There’s C13s ,C15 and C17s it seems and some of those have variations of widths within those models as well so I’m getting a bit lost.

    The Brooks website doesn’t *seem* to have a comprehensive list of the variations to compare, I don’t suppose anyone knows of one elsewhere? Ta.

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    Call Charlie the bikemonger if he hasn’t bugged out yet.


    I had a C17 on a Surly Pacer several years ago. Sold it with the bike. I now have a C15 on my commuter and a C13 on my race bike. So..

    C17 – widest. More of a touring saddle width really but very comfortable. If its for mountain bike or more upright type road riding then this would probably work well.

    C15 and C13 – available in several widths. From memory Brooks advises going 1-2cm wider at the saddle than your sit bone measure as the saddle is more of a hammock than a perch. I have 145mm from memory. Both come in a ‘carved’ option which has a central cut out to save your perineum. The C13 is lighter as the frame is carbon. It has oval carbon rails and is more expensive than the C15. I find my C13 also feels firmer than my C15 (although that could be because the C15 is a carved version and the C13 is not).

    C15 feels more comfortable to me but at a weight cost.


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    FWIW I like Spoons but they don’t last long. The padding seems to pack down after a while and loses any effectiveness.

    They’re usually available quite cheap though so it can work out cheaper to just replace it with another.

    Specialized saddles in 143mm width fitting are a similar shape and last much longer.


    Not ridden a spoon, but I believe the profile was similar to the old Flite. I rode those and a B17. Which is the standard Brooks. I’ve a narrow rear but found the B17 very comfortable indeed. Just get on and go. Even wearing jeans.

    The C17 has the same profile. Personally I’d go with that.


    Thanks infidel. If I were to go with the carbon railed one (C13?) does that require some sort of clamp adapter with an inline Thomson post do you know? Suggestion is “yes” but then also think I read that it’s only a problem with layback Thomsons for some reason.

    And yes to others I know about availability of Spoons I’ve had them for years just that I’m finding they aren’t doing it for me any more for whatever reason. If I can fit and forget a Brooks (like many seem to) that would be far preferable…

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    Have a look online for premier brooks dealers, they often have demo saddles you can fit to your bike and test out.
    C17 for me, on two bikes. Would avoid C13 for mtb use after seeing my mates carbon specialised saddle failed after just 2 rides. May have been overtightened or he’s just too fat, but not worth the risk for the equivalent weight of s bag of Haribo.


    Would avoid C13 for mtb use

    It’s for road use. Come on now, this is STW you don’t think I *actually* ride a MTB do you?? 😆 😉 Thanks for the suggestions though 🙂

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    Love my C17, but would get a C15 now. It wasn’t available when I got the C17.
    Though I have put my old Colt back on now, so don’t listen to me.

    Premier Icon ton

    I had a cambium, but hated it.
    it made me sweat a lot more than a b17, which I love. I ended up with boils in place you don’t want em.
    rubber is not a good product for a saddle, no matter what it is covered with.


    Interesting viewpoints many thanks all.

    Clearly I have an obvious Brooks dealer not far from me that I hadn’t even thought about (Mercian!!) so I shall pop in there in the next few days and bother them. Thanks again 🙂

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    I’ve got one with a slot in I fitted to my commuter/city bike (not idea which one) – it’s ok, not the most comfortable thing but it’s fine for a few miles. It’s also a very rough surface which wrecked a lot of work trousers (it’s a Dutch style commute rather than lycra) and the cloth (cotton?) covering is wearing away in places but I haven’t taken it off.


    I tried a C13 from wiggle and did NOT get on with it. Use Spesh Romin on other bikes.


    I use a spoon on my 29er which is comfy enough but obviously not used on long distances, had a Cambrium c15 on my Croix de fer which I did a 121 mile ride which was still comfy till the last 30 miles (fair enough). Then I put a B17 on my genesis vagabond, super comfy and the best saddle I’ve had without a doubt as previously stated still comfy when riding in jeans. Therefore I’ve decided to try a Cambrium C17 on my Rourke 853 audax that is currently being built up, my thinking is it will offer similar comfort to B17 but with better weather resistance and the look will suit the build. Hope that helps

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    Isn’t the C17 pretty heavy?


    I break Cambiums. They come apart at the nose due to the hard metal edge causing the top to split in two.

    I’ve had three replaced so far – the Brooks warranty is good and they’re very comfortable but it’s a hassle tbh.

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