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  • Broken Shoulder
  • philbert31

    I had an off up at Stainburn today, taking it easy on the first run on of the day and literally 20 seconds in I lost the front end.
    I thought i’d done my collarbone at first as I couldn’t lift my arm, turns out the impact has caused some of the muscle to pull and break the bone (or so I was told??)

    Any ideas how long am i looking at until I’m able to ride?

    Avulsion fracture?

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    I broke my shoulder and collarbone in a crash a couple of years back. They plated the collarbone but don’t think they did anything to the shoulder blade. I was off the bike for about 8 weeks. Not fun, get well soon!

    Not all of these injuries are the same, listen to your consultant, and then do everything your physio tells you.

    Dislocated my shoulder, snapped the tuberosity and fractured my humerus in May, took about 4 months to get back on the bike.

    Last Tuesday I had an abssess cut out of my arse so looking at another 3 months off the bike.

    It’s been a shit year for biking

    Look on (Lenord Funks site) find a highly rated localish consultant and ask your GP to refer you to them. This was advice from a Dr friend of mine and has paid dividends. My employer sent me down the private route since it was an injury at work. But, they then gulped at the surgery bill, so I requested to see the same consultant on the NHS and it seems the transition from private to NHS will be easier because of it; no need for further investigation as he wrote my MRI report and has case history etc.

    What I’m saying is, do some research and request the consultant/surgeon of your choice, it’s your right to do this. I also spoke to a few local physio’s for recommendations.

    Interim advice is look after it, but don’t get lazy, muscle wastage in the shoulder sets on pretty rapid. Think “pre-hab” in case an Op is on the cards.

    Good luck!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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