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  • RealMan

    Apparently Scaphoid is the worst bone to have a break in, and I’d expect a few months before you’re back to shape again (sorry).

    I broke my radius and ulna back in June, and I’m still in pain doing certain things. I didn’t do any real physio. Best thing is to ask the doctors these questions though, and to just take it slowly. If it hurts, stop doing whatever is making it hurt.

    These are brilliant though, they will get you back on the bike so much quicker.


    I broke my scaphoid last year, had about 8 weeks in plaster followed by about 3 months with it in a strap on metal splint thing. At one point there was talk of a bone graft if it didn’t heal correctly. Now it’s fine, no pain etc but as you say, a restricted range of movement.


    I’m starting think I may have broken the one in my right hand last Sunday at the start of the 3 Peaks. Bugger. Right at the start of the cross season too 🙁

    Premier Icon aracer

    “Luckily” it’s healing OK but I still have restricted movement in the wrist(fnarr). Anybody on here had one and if so what physio helps get the movement back and how long before you could ride again?

    I still have restricted movement 23 years later! Mind you it did take me 2 years to get it diagnosed and it never healed properly, yet doesn’t actually stop me doing anything.

    Broke my scaphoid at the Brighton Bog Dog in August, local hospital missed it on the first set on xrays so spent the next 3 weeks giving myself little MTFU speeches, it’s a sprain and riding on it and working (lots of awkward, heavy lifting) before going back to hospital where they spotted it.

    “Luckily” it’s healing OK but I still have restricted movement in the wrist(fnarr). Anybody on here had one and if so what physio helps get the movement back and how long before you could ride again?



    Premier Icon darrell

    did mine 7 years ago. had a titanium screw put in to hold it all together. 3 months in plaster and 3 months of physio. still hurts a bit now and is a weak point. But hey whatever. just get on with it.


    Did mine many moons ago playing football…. overhead kick and landed on my left wrist, kept on playing though. Couldn’t change gear in car whilst driving back home, that’s when I knew I had a bit of a problem. . As above, wasn’t spotted on first X-ray but kept going back. Ended up having it pinned,the usual physio and it’s ok now! Much better than my right wrist as that’s got plastic (silastic) in it and that wrist hardly moves at all. Which didn’t help me with my trials and enduro riding, but at least they’re both still there! Both hurt like he’ll after a good ride though

    Broke mine (dominant right hand) 33 years ago riding fixed-wheel before it became a lifestyle choice…

    It was missed (by a medical parent) and it often does not show on xray for 2 weeks or so in any case, The blood supply to it often gets damaged and then can become “avascular” and crumble. Which mine did. I saw one of the best hand surgeons in London 7 years later who said he had a 75% success rate in fixing them. So I did nothing.

    Still skiing and MTBing but my wrist doesn’t move that much and hurts badly for a few days every few years. It doesn’t stop me from doing much.


    yep, broke mine mine too 3 years ago. Took me 3 weeks to go to A&E as I thought it was a sprain, 3 months in plaster, after a year still was quite right so had a mri scan where they inject dye into your wrist joints (ow) and I’ve also got 50% ligament damage, but they won’t operate. Bit of physio it’s got better but will always be a weak point.

    Next time I had a big stack, I remembered the wrist, pulled it back in and broke my collar bone instead….ffs….


    Broken mine twice (right hand). Second time it didn’t heal properly which was only noticed a year later on an MRI scan after I kept getting pain in it. So it’s now a “non-union” fracture but to be honest, it doesn’t bother me much and I just get on with things. Felt vulnerable for a year or two but now I don’t think about it very often apart from the occasional few days of pain like Stoatsbrother describes. It aches a bit on the road bike but absolutely no problem on the mtb (less jarring, I guess).

    Will probably cause problems in the future and may need fusing which will restrict mobility but my consultant advised me to keep riding and climbing because the best thing you can do for it is to maintain a strong musclature in the hand.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Broke mine 12 years ago in a crash. Was in plaster for 8 weeks, though I got back on the bike after 6. Cast shredded my grip though!
    Even with physio I have restricted movement inj that wrist now, and cold/damp weather makes it ache. I often get wrist pain at the end of a long ride too, especially if it’s been q fairly rocky/bumpy ride.

    Chin up!


    Have done them both in (on separate occasions) and unfortunately there is no good news to tell you.

    First one was ‘routine’ and needed 18 weeks in plaster.

    Second one was not spotted in the x-ray and needed re-breaking and setting with some bits of titanium. For some time it was touch-and-go whether to bone would heal (apparently the blood supply to it is pants) think it was something like 4 months in plaster, literally years before I could bend my hand right back again.

    You will need a knitting needle to scratch inside your plaster and you will become very proficient at showering with one hand while the other is in a plastic bag.

    GWS you have my sympathies.

    Premier Icon NJA

    Broke mine two years ago, had 12 weeks in plaster, then used a powerball to rebuild my strength – good as new since.

    Something like this:

    Not healing now; bone graft and pin/screw to be fitted. Looks like I’m out of commission for the foreseeable. 🙁


    Ming – mine didn’t heal either, I had the graft and screw back in January, slow but good recovery, I was lucky and had the graft from the radius and not the hip, much less painful. I got it done private, I can recommend a great consultant in London, one of the best in the UK, you’re South East right?

    In major irony fashion, a few weeks after I posted my reply above, my 15 year old came off riding BKB at Peaslake and has now done his left scaphoid… But it was diagnosed quickly, by me, within a few minutes… so fingers crossed…


    Booked in as “urgent” for mid december so not too bad. Told graft would be from radius as well. Yep SE.


    You should be light riding by March-ish, mine still hurts nearly a year after, especially after long steep rocky decents on the SDW, thank god for suspension forks and oury grips.

    Let me know if you want that contact.

    Will do, thanks


    Have broken both of them and the mis-diagnosis you speak of is very common.

    The first one was 18 weeks in plaster and probably a year/18 months before I got full movement back.

    The second one was not spotted immediately and the bone nearly died (v.poor blood supply). I had to have it re-broken and patched up with a bone graft from my hip and a titanium screw. That was probably 15 years ago and my wrist has had restricted movement ever since.

    Good luck Ming take it real easy and let it heal. Then let it heal some more.

    Owwww, not sure what hurt’s more, the screw or the bone graft site


    All done? Where did you have the graft? I was very lucky and they managed to get enough good bone off the radial. Hope it heals well, not a bad time of year for it to happen. You’re South Downs local right? When you’re back on the bike go easy on the cobbled downhill into Jevington from Eastbourne, can be a tad painful.

    Pelvis for graft (old skool no nonsense consultant)….

    Again Owwwww

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    Broke both of mine in the same accident 6 years ago.(motorcycle)
    Was in plaster for a couple of days, then had both pinned as a matter of emergency.
    Both are holding up fine, but I am protective of them and always wear good gloves. Also find that I will blame twinges and aches on “the screws”. I think that cold weather affects them slightly and have to try and keep my hands warm.
    But,they both work and do not stop me riding.
    Let it heal and carry on as normal.
    Good luck

    At least you should be on the mend now 🙂

    Lots of pain killers and take it easy! Hope you have a speedy recovery 🙂


    Keep up with the Movicol if you’re on the codeine and tramodol. My consultant told me to not take nurofen or inbropufen because it’s an anti-inflamm, you need as much blood as poss to fix the bone.


    yup. hurts quite a bit. I was left unable to hold a flat bar comfortably for about a year (was able to ride with road bars, so did a lot of CX type riding!). Still sore now (3 years later) though at least I can grip again!

    Some scabby photos:


    Latest x rays, another 8 weeks of being the one armed bandit but at least I’m out of the cast.

    what would happen if i have done this and ignore it?


    Chances of it uniting are very low, are you in pain? Is it weak, can you do press ups? My surgeon fixed an 70 year old’s scaphoid, the injury occurred during the war.

    Ming – I’ve past the year mark now, still a bit sore sometimes but I’m well back to normal riding.


    Broke mine a couple years back after a big off racing moto cross bikes. Hospital didn’t pick it up what with other injuries so I strapped it up and after everything else had healed I went back racing moto cross playing hockey amongst other things. Eventually went to the docs found out it was broken and to cut a long story short I ended up getting a bone graft. 3 months in plaster physio and now I’ve got less than 50% movement than I had before the op. doesn’t stop me riding or doing most things just pissed off with the surgeon for repeatedly saying I’d get full movement. Then when I said my movement is awfull he said that was to be expected. Got to love the Nhs!!!!!!!

    3hr wait at a and e has put me off, will see how it pans out


    injured my wrist about 18yrs ago had 2 xrays was told bad sprain but the more i read about these injuries and several other people ive talked to think i broke mine back then, been back to the docs but hes says its old age/arthritis i was about 36 at this point so been told old age at this point didnt go down well,lead balloon springs to mind.. never been back since think its time for second opinion dont know if theres much point though

    Go see the quack, longer you leave it the greater the chance of non union. I broke mine in August 2011 and I’ve only just ventured out on the bike (very carefully as it’s still easily upset).


    Broke mine and it wasnt picked up for about 5 weeks, it got better kind of, still gives me gip every so often but have raced motox enduro and trials on it so it works.

    Tricky buggers according to the doc.


    Broke mine on Friday, anyone got any quick healing stories? Not looking forward to 6 weeks off the bike 🙁

    Whatnobeer, how long did it take the NHS to spot you’d broken it?

    Anything over 2-3 weeks and it’ll probably need a screw and graft according to what I’ve read and had happen to me.

    From my experience you need to rest it completely whilst it’s in plaster and then again when it comes out. No carrying, lifting, opening jars, driving, riding in any way shape or form.

    I broke mine in August 2011, was operated on in Dec 11 after it failed to heal due to them missing it initially in August before I went for more X-rays after trying to MTFU for 3 weeks thinking it was just a sprain doing carrying, riding and heavy lifting.

    I and am only just riding again (albeit very very carefully). At a minimum I’d budget 12 weeks of no exercise on the bike.

    Seriously, this is one bone you don’t want to rush healing due to it’s rubbish blood supply. If you can afford it, it might be worth going to see Brian Simpson for some magnetic field and laser treatments (not cheap but I think it made a difference.

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