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  • milkyman

    Got a reverb stealth about 3 months ago and fitted it worked ok for a bit then seals went on it, I had it repaired and now they have gone again, it’s a 31.6 got the box and all the bits with it but I can’t say it improved my riding and to be honest couldn’t be arsed taking it back to the shop, it’s quite a way from me, I did but the post from Germany but the bike shop just said they had supplied it me and I got it done for free

    Any it’s £100 plus a tenner postage, if you need pics I can text them but done know how to post them on here


    What length???



    sorry was trying to post of my phone which isn’t easy
    it says on the box am sp reverb 125 – 31.6

    its a left hand mount which I had mounted on the right upside down so as not to break it when I turned the bike over to change a tube, the prob with it is that it only extends half way back up when you push the button, Im sure its something and nothing but I am far from an expert, I just never really got on with it so when it stopped working just put my old post back on,
    if you need pics and can get them on your phone my number is 07545 788041


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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