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  • broken ankle recovery (contains minor nhs merry go round)
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    So after 51 days with my cast it came off on Monday afternoon. The doc at the hospital had a good look and said he was happy with my healing scar and the x-ray result, which showed the bone had improved consdierably since the break.
    He arranged an appointment for me to go back in 6 weeks to have another x ray and final check, I asked about physio to help the recovery process and he said he would make a referral and I should just go home. Bit dissapppointed as I walk out of his office and past the physios to leave so I stuck my head in and asked them what the timescale would be for appointment, they said they would have to wait for the referral letter but they would be in touch.
    I’ve waited a couple of days and heard nothing so I figured I would ring my GP and ask if they had heard anything, I didnt get any info from the doc at the hospital of what to do next in terms of exercises as it wasnt his field. My GP reception said I should just ring the physios myself and make a self referal as it was much quicker.
    So I rang and (its a private company not that I have any issue with that) I’ve got the earliest appointment I can get which is in 16 days time.
    I said thats a bit of a wait what do I do in the mean time to exercise the ankle?, the guy on the phone reckoned I should ring my gp for advice as he wasnt clinically trained, fair enough. So I’ve rang the gp for advice and he says I should speak with the physio staff as its not something he can advise on. The physio wont give over the phone advice without more details of the injury, again fair enough.

    So I can sit here and google a few ‘expert’ ideas about exercises and things and wing it for the next 16 days and maybe do the wrong things or I can sit here and do nowt and slow down the recovery process even more by not doing anything at all.
    Going to put the kettle on and have a think about this whilst staring at my muscle free skinny leg and foot that looks like it belongs to an 80 year old man.
    Having said that the scars shaping up well and I’ll set off the alarms at the airport next time I fly 😀

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    16 days that’s excellent service for physio it’s usually a 3-4 weeks or indeed more.

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