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  • Broadband – Stick with Orange or move to BT??
  • In my recent experience getting a Mac code (from BT) was no problem. This was in start contrast with every other aspect of my experiences with BT; rarely, if ever, have I been so pleased to finally be rid of a company.

    Now with Zen for line rental and broadband, very happy with their service. They also offer fibre if desired.


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    Have you considered Plusnet? A lot cheaper than BT, even they are owned by BT.
    Be and O2 get very good reviews for their BB.

    Never had problems with BT – now TalkTalk on the other hand…which is why I went back to BT for my landline.

    PlusNet – absolute garbage by all accounts, worst customer service ever and they’re from the wrong side of the Pennines…


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    Have you considered Plusnet? A lot cheaper than BT, even though they are owned by BT.
    Be and O2 get very good reviews for their BB

    Fixed part of that for you and Be / O2 are now Sky since they sold their customer base to Sky earlier this year.


    Another vote for PlusNet here, some of the best customer service I’ve seen in any industry really (from a big company anyway).

    Johnellison, BT related installation issue by any chance?


    Just moved back to BT from SKY, I guess it depends on your area but found SKY appalling.

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    Ta bigG.
    It was a while ago that I checked.
    I have heard good things about Zen too.

    I’ve been very happy with Plusnet including their customer services, but I will still look at other options when our area is upgraded to fibre (only 3 months now).
    Moved back to God’s Own County after 10 years in Manc. Maybe my Yorkshire tones work better with Plusnet 😀

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    I switched to BT about 2 months ago now and they have been excellent to deal with. The connection speed is better than my previous ISP with proper unlimited download too, now just waiting for Fibre Optic.

    I think people are missing the point here –

    I have a (old style copper cable) BT landline because up until recently there was no fibre-optic available where I live. I use this landline to receive my Orange/EE broadband.

    The question I am asking is – now that I can get fibre-optic, do I a) lump it all in with BT, or b) just upgrade my Orange service.

    I don’t have a problem with either provider, it’s just that the only upgrades to Orange that I get give me unlimited calls at weekends etc., which I don’t really need as I use my mobile for phone calls. Which is rarely.

    I’m also wary that if I upgrade my Orange broadband I’m going to start getting plagued with cold calling again.


    I upgraded with Orange (been with them since Wanadoo), when I called them they offered 3 months free as a trial and then £29 a month for broadband and phone line. I can reduce this in 3 months by phoning them and paying for a years line rental up front at a reduced rate.

    A BT Openreach engineer was booked on the call to set up the fibre, he went to the cabinet first and then put the new faceplate in and hooked the router up to it.

    Got exactly the speed I was quoted, around 35mb down and 7 up. So far very happy with the broadband. Also quite impressed with the router provided. I can plug a usb hard drive into it and access all the files on my computers or the WDTV box upstairs.

    No cold calls so far either.

    As you can guess I would say stick if it is cheaper.

    Due to the fairly rural location that I live in, until recently it’s been impossible to get fibre-optic broadband.

    However, now that the 21st century has finally arrived in Lancashire I can now get fibre-optic at up to 28Mb according to the blurb.

    Question is – do I stick with Orange/EE as my existing service provider? Or do I swap over to BT Infinity? My current landline is BT so that would seem like the sensible option (admittedly I’ll have to go through the rigmarole of getting a MAC number from Orange/EE), but I have no complaints with the service I get (other than speed) at present.

    Opinions please.

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