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  • Broadband restircted due to overuse :(
  • headfirst

    Noone thought to post this yet? Is it just me?



    Kindles to an adult are a reading device to a teenager they seem to be something you watch films and play games on..

    You ain’t watching a film on a Kindle Paperwhite.

    More chance of drawing a movie on an Etch-A-Sketch.

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    Try unplugging the network cable and see what the download speed is

    iirc TV box won’t work at all without the network cable plugged in. I assumed the iplayer stuff was marked as TV or something so didn’t apply to your quota (or it was BS info)

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    Cougar wrote:

    Last time I looked, and I grant you it was a while ago, the only truly unlimited package was Sky. They may well not be the only ones now, but they’re definitely literally unlimited and they were the first to do it with modern connections.

    Plusnet certainly claim to be unlimited, and I see no reason to dispute that.

    Not the heaviest of users here – showing 18GB for the current month.

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    I was about to move away from PlusNet as we were hitting the 100/120GB limit a lot recently; I had a last look and lo they had an unlimited package that was in fact cheaper than current restricted one, so result (apart from ‘thanks for letting me know’ type rant)..

    last billing period, use was 156GB it appears.


    Haha….. after a fairly short phone conversation with the ISP CS dept this morning (during which I informed them that to restrict someones bandwidth 3 months before choosing a fibre provider was not the coolest idea) – just had an email stating that my usage has suddenly dropped and we’re back at the heady speed of 3mbps!

    [still going to ditch them though]

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    I was at > 60 Gb/month back in 2008, then went unlimited with Virgin. I can’t imagine having to stick to a limit these day, the only TV, films, and music we watch / listen to are all streamed off the net….

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Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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