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  • British Cycling National XC Series Round 1: Parkwood, Tong, Bradford
  • mountainposture
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    Hannah Collingridge and Joolze Dymond are this year’s commentators for the British Cycling National XC Series. They’re also bringing us a race report …

    By mountainposture

    Get the full story on our front page at:

    British Cycling National XC Series Round 1: Parkwood, Tong, Bradford

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    Great write-up! Thank you!

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    Thank you – proper write up from the old days of XC 🙂 Shibden also do a great job developing the youngsters in mtb and cx.

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    Impressive write-up tha’ – read as much as an article as a report. Been a while since I’ve seen such for a domestic XC or Endurance race. Good stuff 🙂

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    Great article.

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    It was a great event and really good course, would love to ride it in the summer when it’s dry now.

    Well done to the organisers.

    My report from the event on our Team FB page here:


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    It sounds really technical – were the jumps mandatory?

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    Technical sections have at least 2 separate lines A and B, A being the quicker route B less technical but slightly longer time wise then they rejoin the course much like where black sections at trail centres peel off the red and join back on.
    If you check out the BC race calendar there are 2 more races scheduled at the venue this year so you’ve not missed out yet.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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