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  • andysandes

    Found myself living in Bristol and loving it. Always see lots of mountain bikers around so was looking for some recommendations for clubs/people who ride locally as would be good to get to know some local riders and trail knowledge.

    Used to ride dh bikes as well as trail bikes, but now really enjoying dare I say it ‘all mountain riding’ ‘enduro’ and have been having a go at the UK gravity enduro series. So looking for that type of riding really.

    If anyone has any recommendations that would be great.



    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    Local trail knowledge?

    There are a few trails at Ashton Hill Plantation that bridge the gap between XC and DH quite nicely.

    We’ve got at at least two active local clubs, Bristol Mountain Bike Club and the Cheesy Riders. Both very welcoming to new members.


    Badass Bikes out at Burrington Combe would be a good place to go with regards to enduro. First class bike fettlers as well.


    Andy – you’d be more than welcome to join me and my mates, loads of local ‘proper’ riding we can show you mate! Email in my profile…….

    Premier Icon gibber

    Local stuff is very “3rd tree on the left”, so really helps to be shown round (GPS doesn’t cut it in the trees in the gorge).

    Big range of riders from bimblers to marathonists. Normally meet 1030 sunday at the golf hut at Ashton Court, but there’s usually other ones going on too – see the forums (got a nice Mendips 100km in yesterday 😀 ).

    I rode far less than 100 km on Mendip yesterday, but we hit all the decent technical cheek on cheddar and Rowberrow before everyone was up and about!


    Cheers for all the replies will have a look into the clubs. Andy thanks for the offer I’ll drop you an email.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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