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  • Bring out the bell tent.
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    This thread is useless without…



    Is that your bell tent, I have been looking for one exactly like that.

    The key features that I am after is a single wooden pole for the door and a lace up door.

    I am looking on behalf of a youth organisation, we currently have quite a few bell tents but the metal A frame poles at the front get hung on and zips always tend to be a weak point when filled with loads of kids.

    If you know where you got it from I would be really interested.


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    Really fancied one of them but a bit skint at the moment so had to go for a HiGear Voyager 6.

    Love the idea of them fully kitted out with a stove, candles etc. and really easy to erect by the sounds of it. Funny though, Ive never seen one on a campsite I’ve been on yet!


    I can pitch our 5mtr one in 20mins on my own, taking down takes longer, great space inside, the metal pole can cause worries in a thunderstorm though!!!

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    Chillifest for me tomorrow with my Bros. and Dad, then Sunday we’re taking the kids to the beach for the day.


    Has to be a camping weekend surely. Open fire and marshmallows with the kids.


    Lions fest in the morning which rules out camping tomorrow night!

    Did some last week though!


    Ours has been out a few times already this year. Last weekend was a scorcher in Cleethorpes

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    tbh mines a bit shit. not very well put together. guys are a bit mis-matched. pegs were a mixture of bent over rebar and wire, and all quite sharp. i’ve seen a couple, both at ssec and ssuk, that had thinner guys, and a velcro door closure, that looked far more professionally finished to be fair. i’ve spent a fair amount of time around ‘proper’ tents, icelandics and greenlanders, to know the difference.
    if you really want to know mine was from ‘wild tyme’

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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