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  • rephlexer

    Chillblast are pushing for a SSD boot drive in my new PC build and I’m having commitment issues.

    Anyone experienced the dreaded SSD bricking here ? either from a powercut or ‘just riding along’

    Do I need to buy a Battery/UPS power backup gizmo? – I’m aware of the intel drives with power protect battery.

    Hmmm, seems complicated and potentially frustrating

    Any advice to tempt an old luddite out his pentium filled cave?


    oh balls – wrong forum – sorry


    Yeah, you want overclockers don’t you? 😉

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    😥 No brick laying techniques here.


    I’ve had 2 OCZ drives fail ( out of 3 ) so if they are still in business my advice for one of their drives would involve a bargepole and a no-touching policy.

    The other 3 or 4 SSD drives that I’ve bought are all not spinning away quite happily and make their respective machines speed along nicely.

    Got an Intel SSD in my laptop at home, been rock solid for over a year now, with plenty of hibernates and power cycles.


    cbm has it, the overclockers forum is very well used, it’s the stw of comps, pop along there with your question.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    My work laptop has had both its drives replaced.
    If I’d spent £2.8k of my money on the thing I’d be pretty annoyed.

    I’ve had many power cuts (sometimes my own fault) and each of my Crucial M4 (1 x 256 and 2 x 128’s, the 128’s are 3 years old) have been rock solid.

    Intel are the best SSD’s but you do pay the premium for them(didn’t realise they had batteries in them for power failures), having one as a boot drive will make you wonder how you dealt with mechanical drives before.

    No need for UPS or anything, make sure only your operating system and primary apps are on that drive and use a old school mechanical drive for storage of data you wish to keep. If you are really worried then I’d suggest WD Reds for that drive as they the NAS spec drives

    Taki, my last good laptop kept melting graphics cards and Dell eventually told me to piss off and wouldn’t cover any more replacements. It was just over 2k when bought new. I paid a small chunk but work picked the rest.
    Dell XPS M1710 with the red hot(literally) Nvidia 7950 GTX card, subsequently I got used to taking it apart, removing the gfx card and reflowing the solder by placing it in the oven on low for 10 mins.
    Mind you now its not used on a daily basis for gaming its been mega, runs Ubuntu very nicely.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    The one thing that always stopped me from getting an SSD (apart from, y’know, having to sell a minor organ to pay for one) was knowing what was good or bad in the market. Everyone goes “woo, SSD!” but quality and performance seem to vary wildly.


    Use them at work on machines that need to compile code very quickly, as they knock ~5->8% off a build time of android if you tune your OS.

    Seem OK, no problems in over a year of them being hammered.

    One’s I’ve used are Samsung and aren’t to bad price wise ~£200 for 500GB or so. Might be cheaper now.

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