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    and that is why we report these things rather than just ranting on the internet 🙂

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    Just looked up brickbat in the dictionary:

    1. a piece of broken brick, esp. one used as a missile.
    2. an unkind or unfavourable remark.

    Never knew it had the literal meaning 1. Interesting that.

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    Top marks to the AA for taking this so seriously.

    As explained, the instructor will work on a Francise and ” laying on file ” will mean he won’t get any loyalty discounts when he comes to renewing his annual Francise.

    I’m interested to know whether they confirmed that the car in question was on a normal lesson or if it was on test at the time ? Is there a Test Centre close by or within 5 or so miles ?


    I was riding along in the centre of a bus lane when an AA Driving School car with instructor and pupil turned left across my path and then stopped in my path to let some people cross the side road.

    No harm done, I could see from their mirrors and the way the car was moving that they hadn’t looked and weren’t intending to stop so I had evasive manoeuvres planned and executed.

    However, it’s not good practice, it’s contrary to the Highway Code, and FFS at least introduce learner drivers to the concept of sharing the road with cyclists.

    I took the registration, time, place, date, colour/make of car, people in the car, weather conditions, road conditions and I complained to the AA Driving School complaints department.

    Their reply came by hard copy letter, recorded delivery. They apologised, said they had spoken to the instructor in question, and that my complaint would stay on his file and be looked at when his franchise came to be renewed.

    Brickbat to the instructor: bouquet to the organisation.

    No mention of what kind of lesson it was at all.

    The incident was at the junction of the A105 High Road Wood Green and White Hart Lane, I going south on the A105.

    I don’t know where the nearest test centre is but a quick search on the internet reveals…

    Practical driving test centre address
    The Gatehouse
    Woodhall House
    Lordship Lane
    Wood Green
    London N22 5JW

    and I was not far from the Police Station, post code N22 8HU

    according to Google Maps .9 miles

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    I did the same to an RAC chap the other year, learner parked up in an unsafe place then pulled away without indicating as I was about to pass, instructor just letting it all happen and apparently unware I was there. Never heard anything back but I did just about make him jump out of his shoes on the plus side.

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