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  • Brick + one broken spoke = £50!
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    I’m riding to work and just about to stop when I catch the side of a half-brick and it pings up into my front wheel and breaks a spoke. Not a big problem, take it into LBS who set about replacing it (initial estimate £10). Get a phone call later saying that while trying to true the wheel, one of the other spokes nipples broke while being adjusted), mechanic replaced that but the next spoke broke too (DT Swiss 1.8mm stainless with alloy nipples – alloy being the problem according to mechanic).

    here’s the dilemma:
    Mechanic has said that as all the alloy nipples need replacing it will be £50-£60 to rebuild using existing hub and rim (Specialized Stout disc, 28 hole, sealed cartridge bearings, 9mm Skraxle on Mavic X223)

    do I have the wheel rebuilt using the old hub and rim (10 year old, medium use), buy new (looking at £80+), try and find second hand that fits a 9mm skraxle?

    what to do, what to do…

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    get a cheaper fix than that ??It is not 2 hours work for a mechanic

    If you have to get a new wheel and practice rebuiling with the old one?

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    Jeez, I bought 4 DTSWISS spokes for £2.00 delivered, and learned how to true a wheel using youtube.

    Its still in one piece.

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    If the old alloy nipples are not corroded to the spokes – Id swap them out myself. Bottle of beer and a lazy evening with an electric screw driver / spoke key wouldn’t be much bother.

    brass nipples over on ebay – you can find alloy and cheaper if you prefer.

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    junkyard wrote:

    get a cheaper fix than that ??It is not 2 hours work for a mechanic

    Assuming new spokes all round….

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    50 quid for a rebuild is reasonable nowadays concidering you will get 32 new spokes and nipples. Specialized wheels are renoun for the nipples braking and a rebuild is the only cure. At 10 years old though it could be false economy… Treat yourself. T

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    Cheers for the replies and the link stuey, from what you have all said I think im going to have a go at building it myself. I will collect the wheel from the shop tomorrow and see if the spokes are worth reusing.
    I have never built a wheel before and don’t have a jig, however there is a bike co-op near me that could let me use the tools for a fee, might look into that.

    goatster..thats what i was originally thinking, will i rebuild it and then the hub bearings need replacing, before I knew it I was pricing up Hope wheelsets! (a broke spoke showing up in finances as £300 would take some explaining..) 🙂

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    I’ve never had a bike with alloy nipples but i can’t see how it would not be possible to rebuild the wheel with all the same components but with brass nipples.

    Even if they all snap when trying to disassemble the wheel surely any remaining bits on the spokes could be removed with pliers.

    This would be something you could do yourself as it may take a while then take it back to the shop to be trued.

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