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    Evening All,

    Just wondering if anyone has had a brick built shed recently and how much it cost.

    I don’t have a garage, can’t store the bikes or stuff indoors so thinking a decent brick shed with some good security would be ideal. Got plenty of room on the side of the garden for a 8′ x 6′ shed.

    Anything I should consider instead or anything I should make sure I get?


    oh you are in for a treat. do a search for ‘rate my brickie’


    This should be gold.


    Kettles on, brew anyone ?

    Premier Icon somouk

    Lol, I saw the ‘rate my brickie’ thread but didn’t read all of it.

    I think I’ll have a read for tips on finding a good brickie…


    Think the average cost is around £700-£1,000
    Thats what I am pricing up in materials


    Built mine from reclaimed bricks & slates from crappy extension I knocked down & left over timbers from new roof 🙂 just had to pay out for some custom made doors. It’s great – not quite a garage but enough space for plenty of bikes.

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    If you took your time, and used the likes of gumtree and freegle, you could get a whole load of concrete block or bricks, whichever you are using, for a lot cheaper than buying new. Doesn’t really matter if they don’t match if you then render or rough cast.

    Buy yourself a second hand cement mixer, you’ll sell it for probably the same as to paid for it post build.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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