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  • BREVILLE VCF126 Rebadged Sage Barista Express?
  • Premier Icon Rik
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    I’m aware that Sage is just the UK trading name of Breville.

    Curry’s are now selling under the Breville name and have the VCF126 Barista Max for £325 after cash back.

    It looks just a rebadged Sage Barista Express (with a couple less dials) which is £600!

    Total bargain?

    Premier Icon gobuchul
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    Premier Icon grum
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    “I’ll just talk over you”

    Dunno if it’s quite as simple as Sage being Breville with a different badge on – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breville

    Also bear in mind you can get the Sage version for £450 if that code posted the other day is still working.

    Premier Icon dc1988
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    Sage is what Breville(international) trade as in the UK but they’re not the same brand. The Breville one is a rebadged Sunbeam by the looks of it.

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    That’s odd it’s either a Chinese copy or a very old model !

    This is the current Breville version


    Just as an aside what put us off that one (Sage version) was that when you watch videos the grinder looks rubbish requiring manual intervention to get it to work.

    Breville and Sage are one and the same brand certainly everything on both websites is identical

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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