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  • Brendog the rule breaker ?
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    Which circumstances make that difficult to follow?

    Firstly you’ve quoted one very small part of one rule, that doesn’t really apply to this thread, but following the link there is a huge list of exceptions, as well as a healthy dose of “employers should assess the use of face coverings on a case-by-case basis depending on the workplace environment, other appropriate mitigations they have put in place, and whether exemptions or reasonable excuses apply..

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    what do people think to this then? did he need to travel to wales, drive a high-performance yet fairly basic vehicle on damp roads, breaking traction. Walk round a factory with and without a mask on etc?

    Is the supposed to be a link to the Escort video? Those drone shots of the car sliding around are from a previous Motorsport-Tools video and were shot on private land.

    Premier Icon hungrymonkey
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    yep, the escort video. mebbe they were – thought I saw a shot from inside the car where he gets a bit sideways.

    but that’s kinda irrelevant – in the context of BD doing something potentially risky for his YT video, I’m fairly sure one could easily argue that the escort video didn’t need to happen, and even more so, how much ‘value’ is there to the driving bit, given they’re gonna sell very few so the ‘review’ part of the video is purely for the enjoyment of the viewers – as such, he’s driven a performance car, on wet, public roads, through villages etc, needlessly. Thus, putting himself and others at unnecessary risk. He could have just filmed in the factory and used Motorsport Tools’ footage for context. and that’s not even going in to the suitability of MT driving the car, breaking traction near cliffs and dry stone walls during a pandemic – all they’re doing is removing the risk to other members of the public, not the risk to themselves (but… presumably… they’re professionals. right?)

    I’ve blathered, but I think the parallels between BD’s and the Escort video are pretty similar, but nobody seems that upset by the escort video.

    IMO, of course.

    (FWIW I enjoyed both videos, and have issue with neither – the world continues to spin, covid or not).

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    I want to see the escort vid! link?

    Premier Icon nickjb
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    Is it one of these?:

    Premier Icon joefm
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    Oh must be. Thanks!

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    The Jonny Smith video was filmed on a private estate for the sliding shots and he was also allows for travel to do it under the working rules. I struggled to see any blatant rule breaking anywhere in the video, either on first watch or on subsequent ones, so don’t have an issue with it at all.

    The Brendog ones are similar in terms of travelling to film is allowed but he does take quite severe liberties with social distancing with other riders at times. He has addressed this on his social media though so I would suspect he will be a lot more cautious for the next lot of videos he films.

    In both of the cases though they are having to work to make a living, Jonny is building his channel as his only work and Brendog is having to give value to his sponsors as there is no racing currently. There are just as many issues with other workplaces, supermarkets for example, so provided there isn’t any complete disregard for the rules I would be wary of giving them a slating online. Bring the issue up with them by all means but be polite about it.

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    He has addressed this on his social media though so I would suspect he will be a lot more cautious for the next lot of videos he films.

    I don’t do social media – but does that mean he has seen peoples concerns about his actions?

    Good on him if he has acknowledged it. These people as professionals should be setting examples for others to follow, not encouraging tenuous interpretation of rules.

    I work in the NHS, I want to see my frontline colleagues workload drop, I want to see less people getting admitted to hospital, I want to see things return to ‘normal’ as quickly as possible. We all have a part to play in this, including professional mountain bikers, who have more influence on other peoples behaviour than they appear to realise

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