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  • breakfast battle!!!!!
  • Just witnessed a labourer on site eating cold oxtail soup with chuncks of cheese in it??? Could this be why hes still a labourer?

    What other strange brekkie stodge is favoured by the stw crew?

    That sounds horrific..

    I thought I was bad with hot spam and cheese but hes loving it. Wouldnt mind but theres heating facilities on site : p

    Premier Icon zbonty

    I can beat that- my favourite was a Russian labourer eating raw bacon out of the packet and munching a big onion like an apple! 😯


    I really like buttery toast with tomato sauce.

    edit: I know someone that eats unfried/grilled bacon too. She said it was smoked and she doesn’t cook smoked ham. Sounds rank to me.

    The toast and tommy k I used to have as a nipper also hp fruity on toast : )

    Premier Icon ton

    i dont eat carbs much nowadays, but this morning for some odd reason, i had a craving for a huge bowl of porridge drizzled with honey.

    i feel like a sinner now….will i die? 🙂

    i feel like a sinner now….will i die?

    No, but you will add on 3lbs to your delicate frame :-).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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