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  • Breakfast
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    Favourites during the week –

    Pinch of nom lemon and blueberry baked oats, I make a double batch in a loaf tin, which sliced lasts a few days, 2 slices quick blast in micro, then a load of yoghurt and berries over it.

    raisin and cinnamon bagel, toasted, smeared in peanut butter, banana and a bit of maple syrup.

    Lidl low GI brown cob toasted, big thick slice, avocado and poached eggs atop. sometimes with turkey bacon.

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    Coffee. I’ve got used to not needing breakfast, I find it’s an easy way to reduce calorie intake, especially as I spend my day predominantly sat on my arse on front of a screen.

    Then again, I’m not diabetic, so I don’t need to worry about dipping/spiking blood sugars.

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    Get up earlier, or do more prep the night before.

    **** that, **** both of those things.

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    I don’t have kids to run round after though, if I did, they’d either eat what I eat and like it, or fend for themselves.

    Ha ha ha ha

    Yes, because children work like that! It’s almost as if they are little people with their own ideas! (yes I know you don’t have any which is why you don’t know!)

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    Full bowl of All Bran. Every single day.

    I have Diverticular Disease so need to keep things free flowing.

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