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  • lank45

    In my experience splitting it is always the best for making more money, however you may be stuck with bits, or it may take a little longer to shift parts.

    Don’t think the seatpost is the same size so that would need to be sold, but everything else, bar your forks, you could swap over for a quick build then upgrade when you have the money/feel like you need to/break something. Then when you’ve upgraded sell the bits off. I did this and slowly ended up about where I want to be with my bike.


    I’d break it too to get the most money back for it.

    I’d also keep the bits you like the most.

    Have you got a demo booked of the Rune yet? Hoping to pick mine up on Saturday and then get it built over the weekend.

    Before you start selling stuff, I’d check the availability because I don’t think it’s that great. I’ve ended up with a black one to get it soon and with the shock I wanted. If you’re in no rush the green that is due out in September looks ace.


    I currently have a Zesty 514 2011 and thinking of changing for a 160mm bike, possibly the Banshee Rune. But I don’t know whether to sell the bike whole or sell the frame and use some of the components on the new bike.

    The zesty has been upgraded a bit and has the following

    Lapierre Zesty 514 Size Large frame,
    Fox Float RP2 Rear Shock
    Fox Float RL FIT 140mm
    Hope X2 Brakes, 203mm front, 180mm rear,
    XT wheels
    XT Dynasys crank,
    XT 10 Speed rear mech,
    XT 10 Speed Cassette,
    XT Front Mech,
    SLX Dynasys front shifter
    XTR back shifter
    Reverb 125mm dropper with white Flux saddle.
    Lapierre stem and bars.

    Everything is in good working order, just need to touch up the forks and get front and rear suspension serviced. I was thinking I could save a little on the new build using wheels, shifters, cranks, maybe brakes and sell the frame with forks and rear shock.

    What would you do? and what do you think whole bike is worth vs frame and forks?

    Many Thanks in advance


    Hey Mindmap3,

    Already taken the Rune out, loved it…

    I want the Flo yellow one, which i think theres a wait on 🙁 where did you buy from? same shop you demo’d at Long Mynd?

    What forks you putting on yours?


    Yeah bought it from Blazing Bikes and managed to get a pretty good deal without really doing owt! Getting theani bblack frame with a CCDBa, Hope headset, 142*12 axle kit for my Easton wheels and a fitted Invisiframe kit for a but less than rrp.

    I did ask about other colours but theirs seemed to be presold ans I didn’t want to wait till September and miss the summer. The new fluro green looks ace though so would have been my choice. I like the black though, its pretty subtle which is nice so shouldn’t attract too much attention.

    Will be running mine with 36 Van RC2’s. They’re old and a bit creaky now but still seem to work really well.

    What did you make of the Rune compared to the Covert?


    Well worth splitting to sell. I have done this with a couple of bikes recently and it seems to work out.


    Mindmap3, it was the other way round.. Not took Covert out yet as i’m waiting impatiently for snapped collar bone to fix.. But it seems if I wait much longer I won’t be able to get a Rune!

    Sound like you got an absolute bargin!

    tops 5


    142*12 axle kit for my Easton wheels

    Are they Havens? Didnt think this could be done but if it can my new frame options just got wider!


    Sorry mate, thought you’d ridden one as you were talking about ordering one. I’m really looking forward to getting mine and am pretty pleased with the deal really. If you like the Rune just take the plunge…I think I was convinced before I actually rode the Covert having been set on the latter when I started looking at new frames.

    Tops; I have the Havoc’s and was told by Extra that if my homes have the push on end caps they can be converted. The kit is about forty quid. Depending on what year yours ate you may be able to swap them because as far as in aware the hubs are quite similar because the spacer kit is the same for both wheelsets. I’d drop Extra a line and see what they say.

    tops 5

    Mindmap – cheers mate will look into that

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