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  • and what a loaf 🙂 actually maybe a tiny bit doughy, but hey 4 ingredients only

    Inspired by the ladies of Bedale thought I’d give it a try, surprisingly easy to mix, left overnight to rise, baked this morning – almost all gone 🙂

    anyone else here make bread?


    Home baked fresh bread is the food (and smell) of the Gods! Yeast is a tiny wonder and there are sooo many recipes to try… Pretzels are a second favourite to a good loaf!

    I think I need to get a standard loaf sorted first 😀 but yeah looking forward to trying other recipes

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    I just pulled a fresh loaf out of the breadmaker. made Using Spelt Flour and sunflower seeds. its ruddy lovely too!

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    breadmaker and dishwasher… two marvels of the modern middle-class universe 🙂



    I make a loaf by hand at least every other day. Easy once you’re in the habit, do it without thinking. Salt, yeast, flour, water. Ten minutes prep, wait for it to prove, bake, eat.

    The last time I ate shop bought bread I couldn’t believe how expensive it was (regular bread, not craft stuff) and how flimsy, crap and tasteless it was.

    Life’s too short to settle for crap bread!


    Not bought a loaf in six months, can’t beat home made bread 😀
    Started a sourdough mix a couple of months back, it’s another level of bready goodness!! 8)
    Feed the beast!!!…..


    tend not to eat bread, i will make it when i can be bothered and far nicer than shop bought. Always feel a bit ill with the shop stuff but home made doesn’t affect me????


    Yep, haven’t bought a loaf in months. Sundried tomato and parmesan roolz.

    I make a loaf by hand at least every other day. Easy once you’re in the habit, do it without thinking. Salt, yeast, flour, water. Ten minutes prep, wait for it to prove, bake, eat.

    by hand here too, gonna have to get more flour as I feel another loaf is required for tomorrow’s bacon sarnie, mmmmmm………..

    My brother in law makes several hundred each week for wifey’s bakery, no automation involved. Good quality flour makes a big difference. Wifey gets hers from Clarks of Wantage, obviously wholesale only but if you can find a small bakery selling it on then I can thoroughly recommend their’s, particularly the granary.

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    I find that brown bread from the supermarket when toasted has a fishy taste to it. Is there some funny additive the man puts in it.
    Got my wife a bread maker as one of her Christmas pressies so keep the recipes coming. What basic ingredients should I get so I can have nice bread on boxing day?
    PS kitchen Luddite alert.


    Good flour does indeed make a difference. I get mine from Shipton Mill – not the cheapest, and you do need to order quite a bit to avoid paying a fiver postage, but they have a good range, its nice stuff and I go through it pretty quick.


    Where can I get Spelt flour?


    Spelt flour can either be wholemeal or white. You can get it either online (as everything) but my Tescos does the wholemeal and I’ve managed to find the white in Booths so I guess Waitrose may have it.

    Don’t try that egyptian flour (kamut). Disgusting.

    I have made my own bread for the past ten years. If I have to fall back onto shop stuff MrAdamW gives me filthy looks. I like kneading, I just think of Tony Blair/CallMeDave while doing it 😀


    Mrs JP made a lovely walnut loaf today and the smell was killing me whilst I was working. It was lovely.

    She said with pride ‘I think my sourdough is a year old’ bread made this way is heavenly. She hopes to pass the ‘sourdough’ on to our 4 year old daughter when she leaves home in years to come.

    Mrs JP always says that when our breadmaker broke it was the best thing that could have happened as her creativity took off when she started using the oven instead.

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    basic stuff for breadmaker bread
    milk powder,

    wholemeal can be nicer than white, can add honey, pumpkin seeds (they are great), sunflower seeds, olives, sundried tomatoes, use brown sugar for wholemeal. etc.
    breadmaker is dead easy as you dont have to do owt except chas the ingredients in. and you can set it up the night before, to start baking and have the bread ready just as you get up, so you wake up to the smell and taste of Fresh bread.

    i buy my Spelt flour from Tesco.

    I took to making bread by hand as good supermarket bread is a rip-off here. However, my biggest bowl only allows me to bake 2 smallish loaves at once, and that lasts about 1/2 day, as soon as the wife smells there’s fresh bread, it’s almost all gone. 👿

    Looking forward to getting my bread machine back.

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