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  • jaggedblade

    Can you e.mail me about the xtr brakes on Cheers


    Tried sending an email but it bounced, I was hoping you’d take £20 posted for the shimano 160mm rotors? my email is ruckimengATgooglemailDOTcom.


    I’ll take second dibs on the brakes

    Premier Icon Alex

    Email to a-2-b
    Chris – if a-2-b doesn’t want them they are yours
    Moto – sorry about that, will drop you a mail.

    Premier Icon Alex

    Spares Clearout.
    1. All these are working items. Most have been taken off bikes in the last year or 18 months,
    2. However, any problems, you can send the item back for a refund.
    3. Postage is NOT included. I’ll let people know as they select stuff.
    4. Prices are very cheap. However discounts if you buy loads!
    5. Can get better photos of any components if you like. They’ve had a quick wash but aren’t gleaming.
    6. If you can’t work out which description is which item in the pics, let me know and I’ll pull it out.
    7. Added part numbers where I can find them. Not included here but if you want the whole spreadsheet with more detail drop me a mail.

    Bike Parts for Sale by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    more photos here:

    Brakes and Rotors
    Shimano: XTR brake set -Condition:Very Good. Notes: is mount only, 160mm rotors,1300mm rear, 800mm front. Price £50
    Shimano: Rotors 160mm x 2 -Condition:New. Notes: 6 bolts. Price £20 the pair
    no name: 180mm rotors X 2 -Condition:average. Notes: 6 bolt. Price £10 the pair
    Fox: vanilla rc rear shock -Condition:Very Good. Notes: 195mm eye to eye. 400 by 237 spring. 225×285 spring also. Price £45
    Pedals and seatposts
    Time: ATAC pedals -Condition:Average. Notes: 1 bearing sticky. Price £15
    Ritchey: SeatPost (MTB) -Condition:New. Notes: 31.6 / 300. Price £10
    FSA: SeatPost (MTB) -Condition:Very Good. Notes: 27.2 /350. Price £10
    kona: wahwah flat pedals -Condition:Very Good. Notes: Gray. Price £15
    FSA: 130mm stem -Condition:New. Notes: 31.8 bar clamp. Price £12
    Ritchey: 120mm stem (Road) -Condition:New. Notes: 31.8 bar clamp. Price £10
    no name: bar ends -Condition:average. Notes: Will throw ‘em in with first sale!

    email alex_leigh00(at)hotmail(dot)com or leave me a reply here.

    Premier Icon Alex

    New 160mm rotors sold.

    Premier Icon riddoch

    YGM about the pedals

    Premier Icon Alex

    Got that. Will get all updates/photos done this morning. Sorry for any delay.

    Premier Icon Alex

    Brakes Sold
    New 160mm Rotors Sold.
    Pedal Pics gone.

    Premier Icon BThomson

    If Time pedals still available I’ll take them.
    Email address in profile

    Premier Icon Alex

    Bill – pedals still available. Not seeing your email in profile. Can you drop me one to alex_leigh100(at)hotmail(dot)com? Thanks.

    Premier Icon Alex

    Everything that’s been paid for has shipped. You should have had an email to confirm.
    Bill not heard from you on pedals.

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