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    I am after a new brakeset for my 29er hardtail. The old avid juicy really are awful, I could live with the constant hum of braking but it’s now turned into a constant (like all the time screeching which even the dogs can’t stand). Anyway, I’ve tinkered about & my LBS say they are rubbish so they are off.

    So what should I go for? I have elexir 5s on another bike & they have been fab, for c 100-150 gbp is there anything better?

    Any ideas or deals out there? I love the bike but the current brakes are terrible.

    Premier Icon nsaints
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    How about my Magura marta’s from my swift. Haven’t listed them yet
    Shall I mail you details?

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    Shimano xt’s from rose bikes come in at about £120 and they are great brakes to say the least.

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    I got shimano slx m675 and 180/160 ice tech rotors from EU for £150. Work a treat…just don’t bother with the finned pads. They come with organic pads so you may want to get a set of sintered in this crap weather.

    I absolutely hate avids since having no end of problems with my 7’s!

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    ^ +1

    Just bought a pair of XTs from Rose and they look great. Haven’t fitted them yet but there’s loads of reviews online…

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    +1 for XT’s….got mine from Merlin roughly same price as rose bikes….

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    Check out the special offers

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    Deore M596 brakes from chain reaction – £80 for both ends.

    Just been out for a ride on my rebuilt singlespeed with a set of these fitted, and they’re great.

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